Editor’s Note: This post was originally published July 11, 2017, and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness on April 10, 2024.

First impressions are everything, and in the world of ecommerce, it may be your only chance to capture someone's attention. The same goes for making a lasting impression with your rewards and loyalty program. The world’s largest brands have a well-recognizable rewards program that is just as popular as the brand itself. 

Your loyalty program’s name sets the tone for new and returning customers and has the power to encourage their participation or turn them away completely. The best way to get your customers excited about your program is to establish a strong emotional connection through your rewards program name or your rewards currency. By doing so, you can present a unique and branded vision for your program that is memorable and makes a lasting impression.

Key Takeaways:

Your loyalty program’s name is the first impression customers have for joining your loyalty and rewards program. A creative name sets the tone, and has the power to encourage their participation or turn them away completely.

The best rewards program names:
- Challenge the status quo and make a lasting impression.
- Create a visual identity around its rewards program.
- Make customer relationships personal.
- Make customer value a clear priority.
- Relate the products to the loyalty program.
- Inspire a strong sense of community.
- Are natural extensions of the whole brand.

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Why do rewards program names matter?

Loyalty and rewards program names matter because they serve as a crucial first impression for consumers. A well-crafted name captures a customer’s attention but also conveys the essence and benefits of the rewards program itself. Which ultimately communicates its value and why customers should join the rewards program.

A catchy and memorable name can enhance brand recognition, drive customer engagement, and build customer loyalty. It sets the tone for the overall customer experience, and a great name and branded loyalty program can influence a customer’s perceptions of the ecommerce brand’s credibility and appeal. Ultimately, rewards program names matter because they are an extension of your brand and shape how consumers perceive and interact with the rewards program.

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Building brand awareness and promoting your loyalty program can take time, but the end results are always worth it. Here are 7 of the most unique rewards program names to help get your creative juices flowing. Each of the brands on this list has found success with their program through a variety of naming tactics, and we’re sure that by the end of this list, you’ll be that much closer to perfecting a name for your own successful rewards program.

Land of Daughter’s Indoorsy Club

screenshot of homepage of ecommerce candle company Land of Daughters
Land of Daughters loyalty program The Indoorsy Club
Who: Land of Daughters
Program Name: The Indoorsy Club
Industry: Candles

For many people, the term “homebody” is associated with the idea of cozying up at home with a nice fuzzy blanket and some warm candles. Land of Daughters, self-identified homebodies to the core, took this idea and ran with it. Its rewards program, The Indoorsy Club, flips the idea of the outdoorsy lifestyle on its head.

Through the use of the word club in its rewards program name, Land of Daughters inspires the notion of community. This creative rewards program name inspires the belief that just because you prefer the comfort of your own home doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of a like-minded community. “Community is extremely important to us and one of the best parts of this business is when customers turn into friends.” Land of Daughters

Creative rewards program names–A screenshot of Land of Daughter’s products. There are 5 candles labeled: Homebody, Hometown, Let’s Stay Home, Bungalow, and Just Breathe.
Land of Daughter’s candles. 

As a brand that believes that “the little things are the big things,” The Indoorsy Club is the perfect rewards program name to reflect this. Coupled with product names that reflect homebody ideals, Land of Daughters celebrates making memories at home and finding joy in the simple things in life.

Takeaway: The best rewards program names challenge the status quo and make a lasting impression.

Blackbough Beach Club Rewards

screenshot of blackbough swim brand loyalty program beach club
Blackbough Swim's Beach Club
Who: Blackbough Swim
Program Name: Blackbough Beach Club Rewards
Industry: Fashion

Implementing a rewards program is a great retention strategy for ecommerce brands. Curating your program to have a unique visual identity and aesthetic goes a step further. 

Blackbough Swim rewards customers with Blackbough Bucks (points) for making a purchase, leaving reviews, uploading photos, and celebrating a birthday. The currency and name of the rewards program are unique and give customers a sense of what Blackbough Swim is trying to convey—a beach lifestyle. 

Blackbough Swim curated its rewards explainer page, the Blackbough Beach Club Rewards, to visually show customers what the benefits are and how to earn points. With a name like  Blackbough Beach Club Rewards, customers instantly feel the vibe of what Blackbough is trying to emit through its products. That is, swimsuits that are designed for a relaxing and breezy day on the beach. 

screenshot of blackbough swim rewards program page on ways to earn points
Blackbough Swim shows its customers ways to earn points

Blackbough’s loyalty and rewards program reminds customers why they should be part of the community since their purchases go further by earning points. Customers know when they  come back, they can redeem unique rewards such as free products, limited edition items, and free shipping. 

Takeaway: The most creative rewards program names convey a unique visual identity around the rewards program. 

The Beauty Chef’s Inner Beauty Circle

screenshot of ecommerce brand The Beauty Chef
The Beauty Chef's rewards program Inner Beauty Circle
Who: The Beauty Chef
Program Name: Inner Beauty Circle
Industry: Skincare

The beauty industry is undoubtedly one of the fastest-evolving markets in the world of commerce. As trends and styles continue to change, brands are forced to adapt their business models and customer experiences to meet new industry standards. If they don’t, they end up falling behind. The thing is, it’s not just beauty and style trends that change over the years—the language we use to describe these things is changing, too.

In recent years, there’s been a shift in the beauty industry to focus on “inner beauty.” Skincare and beauty brands are all about instilling confidence in their customers and designing products that enhance their already beautiful features. The Beauty Chef jumped on this trend with its rewards program, Inner Beauty Circle. As a skincare and gut health brand, its rewards program name drives home the idea that beauty starts from within.

screenshot of ecommerce brand the beauty chef's VIP tiers for its rewards program
The Beauty Chef’s Inner Beauty Circle VIP tiers

The Beauty Chef extends its naming skills to its VIP tiers with smartly named tiers that reflect its products and brand values. As customers grow in their journey from seed to glow, they feel more connected to the brand at every stage.

The use of the phrase “inner circle” also reflects how deeply The Beauty Chef values its customers. As a phrase that means a group of people whom you’re closest to, this creative rewards program name makes customers feel like they’re part of something exclusive and special.

Takeaway: The most creative rewards program names make customer relationships personal.

Club ROOLEE Roowards

screenshot of ecommerce brand Roolee and its rewards program page
ROOLEE named its loyalty and rewards program Club ROOLEE
Program Name: Club ROOLEE
Industry: Fashion & Accessories

ROOLEE is an American clothing boutique brand that has since grown into an online fashion, kids, and home decor brand. Its loyalty and rewards program, Club ROOLEE is built around the unique products it sells. It rewards customers for signature actions such as a sign-up bonus, follows on social media, and writing reviews. 

The name Club ROOLLEE implies customers are part of a community that grants them access to exclusive perks and benefits. Where ROOLEE goes even further is its points name, ROOWARDS. It’s a clever play on words that matches its ecommerce store name.

screenshot of ROOLEE rewards program page and launcher
ROOLEE uses a play-on-words for its points currency

Club ROOLEE has multiple tiers that encourage customers to elevate their status and earn more roowards. From Insider to Icon, customers are able to unlock discounts, early access to sales, and priority service. 

Club ROOLEE also emphasizes the key reason customers should join the program—rewards. Customers are motivated to join rewards programs because they are looking for value over and above the products they buy.

Takeaway: The most creative rewards program names make the value of community a clear priority.
screenshot of pacific northwest cookies and its loyalty program launcher
Pacific Northwest Cookies’ branding is instilled in every part of its rewards program
Who: Pacific Northwest Cookies
Program Name: Cookie Monster Rewards
Industry: Food

Everyone knows the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. So, if your ecommerce business is selling fresh cookies, why not make something iconic part of your brand? Now, Sesame Street isn’t associated with Pacific Northwest Cookies, but with a play on words, Cookie Monster Rewards stands out for customers. And it fits so naturally. 

Pacific Northwest Cookies rewards its customers with 2 Cookie Monster Points for every $1 spent. Customers are able to redeem points for a discount on a single order or a recurring subscription and, eventually, a free box of cookies. Naming its points “Cookie Monster Points” plays well with its strategy and reinforces the idea to customers that the points are part of a larger loyalty program. 

Pacific Northwest Cookies’ branding is instilled in every part of its rewards program naming process. With a creative strategy for its currency name and in the ways it rewards its customers, Pacific Northwest Cookies has created a unified experience from the moment customers sign up to when they redeem points.

Takeaway: The best rewards program names relate the products to the program.

Honeybee’s V.I.Bee Rewards 

Honey Bee Stamps about us page screenshot
Honey Bee Stamps has a a perfect play on words for its program name
Who: Honey Bee Stamps 
Program Name: V.I.Bee Rewards
Industry: Stationary and Accessories

Honey Bee Stamps is a stationery and arts and crafts brand that offers tools, supplies, and, of course, stamps for your next creative project. Its mission is to support everyone’s creative journey. “At Honey Bee Stamps, we celebrate and support your creative journey by bringing you only the sweetest, highest-quality goods and supplies for your next project,” states the website. 

Its rewards and loyalty program, V.I.Bee Rewards, is one of the most creative names in the industry. It’s a perfect play on words and fits its brand and aesthetic seamlessly. Capturing a flawless combination of its store name and brand. Its points currency is appropriately titled Honey Coins—for example, customers can earn 200 Honey Coins just for signing up. 

As part of the V.I.Bee Rewards, customers can rest assured that they’ll be treated as a valued member of the Honey Beehive. They’ll recognize the value of the community, which offers more than products and goes above and beyond for its members.

screenshot of honey bee stamps rewards and loyalty program launcher on its website
V.I.Bee Rewards, is one of the most creative names in the industry
Takeaway: The most creative rewards program names inspire a strong sense of community.

One Love Organics' Love Club

Creative rewards program names–A screenshot from One Love Organics’ Love Club rewards program explainer page.
One Love Organics’ Love Club rewards program explainer page
Who: One Love Organics
Program Name: The love club
Industry: Hair & Beauty

As a brand that promises to deliver “beauty from the heart,” One Love Organics is built on ideas of love, beauty, and acceptance, and its rewards program is no different! With beautiful pink colors and heart icons, the love club’s explainer page is consistently branded and acts as a cohesive part of the overall brand experience. As customers navigate from product pages to their rewards account, it’s clear that they were made, work, and belong together, delivering a consistent brand message that keeps customers firmly engaged in the shopping experience.

Creative rewards program names–A screenshot from One Love Organics' Love Club rewards program explainer page showing the different ways customers can earn points. They include: place an order (2 points per $1 spent), refer a friend (500 points + your friend gets a $5 coupon), follow us (100 points each showing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter icons), and product review (50 points each).
One Love Organics' Love Club points earning actions

In addition, One Love Organics’ reward program is easy to remember. With a short, sweet, and simple name, the love club is able to stay top of mind, prompting customers to engage as they interact with other aspects of the brand.

While these naming conventions might seem trivial, they make a huge impact on the overall effectiveness of a brand’s retention strategy, taking them from a mediocre to an exceptional customer rewards experience.

Takeaway: The most creative rewards program names are natural extensions of the whole brand.

5 Steps to create a catchy name for your rewards program

  1. Be specific with what you want to convey to your target audience. What matches your ecommerce brand? Extend the overall mission of your brand and incorporate that imagery and messaging into your loyalty and rewards program name. 
  2. Pick a rewards program name that is simple to pronounce and easy to understand. The more creative and simple, the more memorable your loyalty and rewards program will be. 
  3. Have an emotional hook to your program name and loyalty points currency name. This will leave your customers 100% sure what your rewards program name is evoking. 
  4. Check out your competitors and see what rewards program names they are using. 
  5. Still don’t know where to start? Use a play-on-words approach to spark creativity.

Designing the best rewards program names

Each of these examples makes it clear that the most creative rewards program names deliver something unexpected. Whether it’s by connecting abstract ideas or building on pre-existing brand experiences, the best rewards program names all move beyond the words used to promise something that shoppers can’t wait to experience for themselves.

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