The beauty industry is one of the most competitive markets out there.  With extremely high purchase frequency and an ever-broadening line of products, customers have more options than ever before. So what makes them choose you?

As advertising costs continue to skyrocket, retention marketing is becoming even more important. This has led to more and more beauty brands exploring the idea of brand communities. With rewards, these brands have been able to encourage customers to join, engage with, and share their community with others, helping them retain more customers and increase customer lifetime value.

Every cosmetics business can use a loyalty program.
The brands below, and more, have already boosted revenue and retention with a rewards program!

The best beauty brand loyalty programs

The following beauty brands have done an incredible job of building strong brand communities with rewards that provide value for their customers all over the world.

The Balm’s #theBalmers

Since launching their rewards program, The Balm has created a top-tier brand community based on values of confidence, friendship, and playfulness. Customers know that this program is about more than just rewards right when they land on this beautifully branded explainer page from the program name, “The Balm Community”. The use of the term community along with their playful brand voice, gives customers the warm welcome they were looking for.

Status is an important motivator in the beauty industry because shoppers associate beauty products with high class and style. The Balm understands these customer motivations, and designed their program to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations. With three distinct valuable VIP tiers, #theBalmers is an excellent example of how to leverage status to appeal to customers with any type of budget. From The Balm Starter all the way to The Balm Star, customers are given additional rewards when they return and continue engaging with The Balm Community.

One of the most important things to do as a brand is meet your customers where they are. The Balm does this by connecting with their customers via social media. Not only do they offer social commerce on Instagram so customers can make purchases while they scroll, The Balm also includes this feature on their website. This creates a customer engagement loop in which no matter where someone finds The Balm, they can easily and quickly make a purchase. The result is a world-class loyalty program customers can’t wait to join, love to engage with, and are quick to share with their friends.

Snow Rewards

The beauty industry is one where appearances really do matter. This is why including social proof from your previous customers is a great tactic for beauty brands. Take Snow Teeth Whitening for example - this teeth whitening brand leverages all types of user-generated content from social media influencers to customer reviews right on their website. Giving your customers actual proof of your product’s quality is a great way to build trust and authenticity in their mind. In this case it really is true that a picture says a thousand words.

One of the best ways to deliver a memorable customer experience is with effective branding, and this is something Snow does extremely well. By naming their rewards points "Snowflakes," they have cleverly tied their brand to not only the points their customers earn but ideas of uniqueness and magic as well. They extend this whit to their referral program as well by including calls-to-actions like “Share a smile” for their give $10, get $10 referral program.  As a niche brand, Snow Rewards is the perfect tool to draw customers in and keep them coming back.

How to Name Your Loyalty Point Currency
Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March, 2016 and was updatedfor accuracy and comprehensiveness on Nov 22, 2018. Previously we’ve talked about the importance of selecting the right name foryour loyalty program [/5-examples-of-loyalty-program-names-done-right/]. Now, I’m going …

Snow Rewards checks every box when it comes to creating a customer loyalty experience that leaves their customers smiling from ear to ear.

Facetory Rewards

Skincare routines are all the rage these days whether you want to treat yourself to a face mask for some me-time or develop an elaborate nightly routine to achieve glowing skin. With an influx of new products reaching the market every day, it’s important to stand out in your customers’ minds. Korean beauty brand Facetory does this in several ways, including a subscription box model to increase repeat purchases, a customer loyalty program, and unique rewards.

Facetory rewards customers for multiple different things from sharing on social media to leaving product reviews online. This encourages customers to keep interacting with the brand even after they’ve made a purchase, increasing customer engagement. Facetory’s rewards program also gets an A+ for their points redemption options. Customers are able to redeem their points for money off of their subscription, increasing the likelihood of repeat customers. They also allow customers to redeem their points for free products, which avoids diluting their brand image to appear as a luxurious beauty brand.

With everything from skincare quizzes for custom product recommendations to unique, exclusive rewards, Facetory offers a loyalty program that will leave customers wanting more.

LUNA Loyalty Points

LUNA by Lisa Jordan’s Loyalty Points is an example of a smaller beauty brand making big moves with an effective loyalty program. This Irish beauty brand has a rewards program that’s on brand and on point in terms of offering multiple earning and redemption options.

For starters, LUNA invites their customers to “Join the Family”, immediately creating an emotional brand connection. They also make it extremely easy for customers to join their brand community by including a branded launcher button on every page of their website. LUNA also offers customers points from everything from simply signing up to celebrating a birthday. Rewarding customers for basic actions like these is a great way to make them feel special.

LUNA is the perfect example of how a small brand can leverage their size to make real connections with their loyal customers. They share pictures of their customers who use their products to make them feel beautiful and special. Sharing their customers’ photos online is a great way to keep those customers happy as well as show other customers how much you are loved. LUNA keeps their customers smiling and feeling beautiful, which really pays off for them in the long-run.

Glow Recipe’s Glow Rewards

If you’re looking for a fun and unique loyalty experience, look no further than Glow Recipe.  Glow Recipe has designed their Glow Rewards program as a cohesive extension of their brand, using consistent brand icons and colours to communicate the benefits of their three-tiered program. Whether customers achieve a  Bouncy, Dewy, or Ultimate level of Glow, they’re treated to a consistent brand experience that helps extend the value of their products beyond the initial transaction.

This value is easy to see when you consider how customers can redeem their rewards.  Where other programs only give customers points or standard free products as rewards, Glow Recipe actually offers their loyal customers a number of diversified rewards, including the opportunity to preview exclusive new products or become a member of their product Tester Panel.

These exclusive experiential rewards demonstrate Glow Recipe’s understanding of their customers base and what they look for in a program. With Glow Rewards, Glow Recipe goes the extra mile to show their customers how much they appreciate their business and how valuable that business is to their overall success.

Spectrum Collections’ Beauty Points!

As soon as you land on Spectrum’s website, you know you’re in for something special. From Hello Kitty to Disney themed products, their site is bright, colorful, and enchanting — three adjectives that apply to their rewards program, too!

Their beautiful explainer page makes heavy use of branded photography and custom fonts to clearly describe how members can earn and spend points, making it easy to join and get engaged right away. However, while the rewards they outline on their page are great, it’s the rewards they give out for free that truly make their loyalty program stand out.

When you’re a member of Spectrum’s brand community, you’re treated to a huge variety of value-added content that enhances your experience not only with their brand but with beauty products as a whole. Although this beauty brand is based in the UK, it simultaneously provides value to customers all over the globe through their Business and Beauty Blog. From a personalized podcast from the founders, to How-to-Guides, this blog has everything makeup gurus and beginners could want.

Spectrum goes one step further by creating a brand community where members can connect over things outside of their product lines. For example, their virtual #SpectrumChats Twitter movie chat gives customers a place to connect with each other and the brand on a more personal level. These types of unique experiences are what stick out in customers’ minds and build strong relationships.

With so many amazing pieces of content at their disposal, Spectrum’s beauty-minded customers get excited to share their new expertise with others. This extends Spectrum’s reach beyond their normal marketing efforts, reinforcing their brand community and getting new customers to join their program in one sweep.

Luxury and social status are the keys to success for beauty rewards

Whether you’re only starting to build your beauty brand community or looking to strengthen an existing one, these six brands make it easy to see that a rewards program is the perfect tool for the job.

By offering your customers what they truly value in the form of exclusive VIP status and early access to new products, you can motivate more of your shoppers to choose you first when it comes time to replace their signature lip color or moisturizing face mask.

Editor’s Note: This post was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness in October 2021.