Check out some other amazing loyalty programs in our Top 10 Customer Loyalty Programs of 2020 post.

Think of your favorite brand—what type of incentive do they offer you for your loyalty? Aside from loving their product, what makes you return?

Reward programs show customers that you appreciate their loyalty, and it can boost your customer retention rates by offering perks for your repeat shoppers. When looking for ways to grow your customer base and increase retention rates, especially as a new business, reward programs are a great place to start.

With stores all over the world integrating loyalty programs to offer incentives and personalized experiences, you can find a lot of inspiration for your own store. We researched tons of loyalty programs and a few brands stood out to us! For our list of the best in loyalty last year, keep reading to discover the top 2019 reward programs.

310 Nutrition: 310 Rewards Program

best loyalty programs 2019 - 310 nutrition (3)

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t the easiest, but 310 Nutrition has made it their mission to simplify this feat. By providing tons of social proof in their reviews, community, and blog, 310 Nutrition showcases the value of their product through authentic customer success stories. Luckily, they’ve made finding their rewards program just as easy as finding the value in their brand. With an easy-to-view link in their navigation page, customers can quickly find a full program explainer page.

Their rewards program combines referrals with a points program, making it easy to earn points on one-time purchases as well as subscriptions. 310 Nutrition appeals to different customer shopping habits: when a customer feels like a brand understands them and their preferences, they’ll be more likely to remain loyal. Trust us, you’ll want to be loyal to these nutritional remedies.

310 Nutrition has created a supportive online community where customers can get new recipes, expert health tips, monthly challenges, and support from other dedicated members. Including customer success stories is a great way to inspire new customers to strive for that success in their own fitness journey. In addition, in an industry where customers rely on reviews and testimonials, 310 Nutrition encourages customers to give their feedback by offering 10 points for product reviews.

Why customers love 310 Rewards Program:

They can get the support they need to stay motivated from both the brand and its most loyal customers.

Dynamite: Dynamite Studio App

top 2019 reward programs dynamite

When it comes to clothing, customers tend to have stores they trust. If a retailer offers the right style and the right size, you know it’s the right fit for you to become loyal. Dynamite created a great program with their Dynamite Studio rewards app.

For this program, everything is integrated within the app. Every member gets their own customized code that can be scanned at any store to earn rewards. The app also features an offers page so shoppers can see what incentives they’ve earned, a status page to showcase badges they’ve earned and what status they’ve achieved (such as VIP), personalized recommendations based on previous orders, and a wish list. It’s got it all!

Dynamite is also linked with their sister store, Garage; the rewards program works at both stores. Whether you have the Dynamite App or the Garage App, you can earn points, complete badges, unlock VIP status, and redeem rewards at either store. This is a smart tactic to increase sales since shoppers will be curious to experience the other store, leading to new purchases.

Why customers love Dynamite Studio:

The app is extremely simple: members can browse and shop while experiencing a personalized membership program.

Ivory Ella: Club Ella

best loyalty programs 2019 - ivory ella rewards page

People love brands for a variety of reasons. For some people, the chance to support a charitable cause they care about is the best reward possible. Ivory Ella has branded themselves as a company that sells “Good Clothes for a Good Cause” by donating 10% of their profits to Save the Elephants. They’ve even given customers the chance to earn discounts for making charitable donations; who doesn’t want to save elephants just by shopping?

With a rewards program as clear as their mission, it's easy to see why customers love them. Once logged in, customers can see their points balance displayed on the program explainer page. After opening the Club Ella panel, customers can see their points balance and any rewards they’re eligible to redeem right away, making their points top-of-mind. They’ve even included how many points you can earn on individual product pages to make the customer experience as clear as possible.

best loyalty programs 2019 - ivory ella earning rules

Club Ella combines both points and referrals into one seamless rewards experience. Their mission to save the elephants is reflected in the program with the ability to earn points for awareness-building activities. For example, earning points for Twitter or Facebook shares as well as for referrals exposes the brand to new people to continue supporting their cause.

Why customers love Club Ella:

They’re earning rewards for supporting a cause they truly care about.

NaturAll Club: NaturAll Club Reward Program

top 2019 reward programs naturall club

Since customers tend to remember names, it’s always a good idea to name your rewards something that aligns with your brand or product—this is exactly what NaturAll Club did. This company creates natural hair products designed for curly or kinky hair. Considering avocados are a key ingredient in their hair products, it makes sense that their customers can earn and redeem avocados (yum) with their rewards program.

NaturAll Club rewards customers who sign up right away: gifting 150 avocados, and an extra 100 if they refer a friend. Besides earning avocados by purchasing their products, members can gain more points through their birthday and social media likes. It’s truly minimal-effort on the customer’s end to earn avocados.

Aside from great rewards to redeem avocados for (such as shipping savings, money savings, and free products), members can also earn a higher status just by purchasing from NaturAll Club. Starting as a fresh avocado, members can eventually become a diamond avocado when they continue to shop with the brand. Each tier offers specific perks for the customer, which makes them want to come back for more avocado goodness!

Why customers love the NaturAll Club membership:

There’s a variety of ways to spend avocados. Whether for freebies or money savings, there’s an option to suit anyone’s desire.

adidas: Creators Club

With the launch of their new VIP rewards program, adidas’ Creators Club is all about personalizing the customer experience and creating a place where creators get rewarded. Customers can move through four different branded tiers: Challenger, Playmaker, Gamechanger, and Icon to unlock different experiential rewards.

best loyalty programs 2019 - adidas creators club

In the first tier, customers are given their unique creator ID which gives them the ability to integrate all of adidas’ apps with their personal information. As customers earn more points and move through the levels, they unlock a slew of innovative exclusive rewards. As a Playmaker, customers gain access to member-specific products created with or for them.

In the higher tiers, Gamechangers and Icons are able to get free personalization on products and can even earn personalized training apps or nutrition plans. It's clear that adidas understands its customers and what matters most to them through their highly-personalized program. The program itself is a real gamechanger.

Why customers love Creators Club:

They have the chance to unlock truly innovative rewards that make them feel valued.

Rebel Dawg: Rebel Dawgie Rewards Program

top 2019 reward programs rebel dawg

Rebel Dawg builds customized tags for pets, keychains, luggage, and other uses. There are many designs to choose from, and the customer can customize the text, size, colour and charm—they’re super cute.

As a brand that’s all about designing dog tags, it makes sense that their program features a list of tiers including “rebel dawgie,” and it asks customers if they want to “become part of the pack.” By customizing their rewards content to match their business, they’re enhancing their brand familiarity and exclusivity.

Rebel Dawg offers great ways to earn points, such as 250 rebel points for signing up, and 500 points on every member’s birthday. Offering a birthday bonus is a smart way to increase customer retention by inspiring customers to return knowing they have an incentive to look forward to. Who doesn’t love a birthday freebie?

A customer can redeem 100 rebel points for $1 off their purchase, or they can use their points for specific products or a surprise bag. By offering two types of incentives (a specific product or a discount), there’s a redeeming option for everyone. Rebel Dawg knows how to please their customers.

Why customers love Rebel Rewards:

Rebel Dawg fosters a rewards program where the customer has the freedom to choose how to earn and redeem their points.

Marriott: Marriott Bonvoy

One of 2019’s biggest loyalty changes came in February when Marriott International consolidated its three loyalty brands—Marriott Rewards, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards, and Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG)—into one ultimate travel program: Marriott Bonvoy. Customers can earn points at over 30 different brands and redeem them for an even larger variety of wins, such as free hotel rooms, flights, travel packages, gift cards, or exclusive events.

Marriott Bonvoy has even branded itself as being synonymous with “good travel.” In an industry that relies on recommendations and reviews, Marriott Bonvoy makes it easy for their customers to connect with one another through their online brand community. Marriott Insiders is a forum for customers to connect with people across the world to ask questions, share travel tips, and talk about their experiences to inspire others.

best loyalty programs 2019 - Bonvoy moments

With some of the most luxurious travel brands involved, Marriott Bonvoy has strategically created an exclusive rewards program to maintain their brand image. First, they offer a VIP program based on the number of stays, giving their customers a chance to work up towards Ambassador Elite status.

They’ve also created exclusivity through their Bonvoy Moments: customers are able to browse all sorts of experiential rewards from sporting events to cultural experiences and bid on them with their points. This innovative approach maintains the brand’s exclusivity while giving customers the chance to decide how valuable specific rewards are to them.

Why customers love Marriott Bonvoy:

They can earn one-of-a-kind experiential rewards by bidding on specific Marriott Bonvoy Moments.

Unique Vintage: Devoted Darling Rewards

best loyalty programs 2019 - unique vintage explainer page copy

If you’re looking for a program that makes you feel valued right off the bat, Devoted Darling Rewards is your go-to. Unique Vintage has created a sense of loyalty through its program name by showing customers that their engagement means a lot to them. In fact, their entire explainer page is branded from the colors to the language used to give customers one consistent experience.

This program underwent a makeover this year with the introduction of their VIP tiers as a way to earn more points, more rewards, and unlock more perks. Unique Vintage has given customers the chance to earn True Love status to unlock more exclusive rewards. Along with their VIP program, Unique Vintage’s program excels by letting customers know exactly how much value each point they earn is worth. By explicitly translating their points currency into Canadian dollars, customers know that earning 5000 points will get them $20 off. With that kind of offer, Unique Vintage can definitely be considered your true love.

best loyalty programs 2019 - unique vintage instagram

The way customers can earn points is also something to applaud Unique Vintage for. Offering rewards for newsletter sign-ups is a great way to provide more value to their customers and build real connections. The ability to earn points for getting social with the brand is another great aspect of this program. By leveraging their strong Instagram following of 436k followers, Unique Vintage can engage with their customers where they already are. Through user-generated content, lifestyle content, and social commerce strategies like shoppable Instagram feeds, Unique Vintage has made the most of its social media.

Why customers love Devoted Darling Rewards:

They know exactly how much value they’re getting out of the program at every moment.

Esther & Co’s Royal Rewards

top 2019 reward programs royal rewards

When you’re part of a rewards program, you want to enjoy exclusive treatment. This is exactly what Esther & Co provides.

Right away, they frame their rewards program around the idea of “what it means to be royal,” and “the more you shop, the more you’ll enjoy the royal treatment.” This type of language engages customers because they’re interested in experiencing this kind of relationship.

For a brand that sells high-end products, such as clothing, accessories, and event clothing (think weddings), it makes sense that they use words like “royal” to increase memberships.

Esther & Co has a designated page on their website that outlines everything about their rewards program, making it easy for any customer to understand.

Members get 500 points for joining, and this can be used for $5 off any item. To redeem points, the customer’s purchase must be at least $10 (we all how easy that is at a store we love). The points breakdown is this:

  • $5 off for 500 points
  • $10 off for 1000 points
  • $20 off for 2000 points
  • $25 off for 2500 points

Esther & Co created a simple 4-tier VIP program with special perks for each level. The more you spend, the higher you make it up the tier, creating a goals-oriented environment for their customers to achieve.

Why customers love Royal Rewards:

Members feel as though they are part of a special, royal community with great rewards.

Ritual Rewards

top 2019 reward programs ritual

How many times a week do you order from Uber Eats or Skip The Dishes? Have you ever considered ordering as an entire company? Well, you can do this through Ritual, and they even have a unique rewards program that they just launched to boot!

Ritual is known for its social ordering from fan-favorite restaurants. Whether it’s an office party or company event, it’s best to make a large meal order through Ritual. With Ritual Rewards, you can have your entire team working together to earn and redeem.

One perk is members can earn 100 points just for trying a new restaurant. Not only does this help restaurants who are featured on Ritual’s site, but it also builds new partnerships between Ritual and restaurants all over the world.

Although Ritual’s program is a paid membership, an entire company can use it together. So it’s easy to earn points (10 points for every $1) and reach new statuses. Yes, you can achieve new statuses just by buying a lot of food.

Why customers love Ritual Rewards:

Members get to work together as a team, even during lunchtime!