Launching an ecommerce business can take anywhere from minutes to months. Depending on the size of your store and the complexity of your program, launching an ecommerce loyalty program can be hard work. But it doesn’t have to be.   

With, ecommerce merchants can feel confident about their loyalty and rewards programs as a tool in their overall retention strategy. Based on our data of 139 million orders analyzed from 100,000 ecommerce merchants, we discovered that shoppers who redeem rewards coupons have a 16.5% higher average order value than those using non-Smile coupons. This means loyalty programs engage customers to shop with you and spend more. 

One advantage of Smile Plus, our newest plan designed for high-volume brands, is the ability to launch an ecommerce loyalty program fast, pre-configured with best practices. This way, ecommerce brands can effortlessly manage and customize their loyalty programs once it’s up and running.

What is Smile Plus?

Smile Plus is our plan for high-volume brands looking for a customer loyalty program that will scale with them. It is designed with one simple goal — enterprise loyalty, made easy. 

Smile Plus is built for Shopify Plus brands who want a branded loyalty program that engages customers at every level. With Smile Plus, ecommerce owners can: 

  • Launch rewards effortlessly.
  • Make loyalty an embedded part of their customer’s shopping journey.
  • Gain deep access to their loyalty data.
Introducing Smile Plus
Introducing Smile Plus a new plan for high-volume brands looking to build customer loyalty effortlessly. Our goal is enterprise loyalty made easy

Your program comes with loyalty best practices 

The quicker you launch your loyalty program, the sooner customers will start seeing the value. The advantage of launching fast with is you get a loyalty program set up with best practices used by top-performing programs. This comes with a reward and points system that aligns with your business and industry, predefined ways customers can earn rewards, and recommendations on the types of rewards customers would love to earn. 

Some best practices are choosing point-earning actions like introductory sign-up points, purchases, social shares or follows, celebrating a birthday, and many more. By integrating with the ecommerce apps you’re already using, you can allow customers to earn rewards for posting text, photo, and video reviews. 

The goal of Smile Plus is to make it easy for high-volume brands to launch a program confidently in days. Loyalty programs work; we know that. Especially when it comes to generating revenue for ecommerce businesses. It’s estimated that 35% of an ecommerce store’s revenue is generated by the top 5% of customers. This is why these predefined strategies are the perfect ramp to get you to launch a well-configured program quickly, allowing you to focus on customizing and promoting the launch.

The Guide to Setting Up a Loyalty Program for Shopify Plus
Learn how the top Shopify Plus brands create a loyalty program that customers love. Learn from the top ecommerce brands in different industries.

The goal is to make it easy for you to launch your program confidently in days. Loyalty programs work; we know that. Especially when it comes to generating revenue for ecommerce businesses. It’s estimated that 35% of an ecommerce store’s revenue is generated by the top 5% of customers. This is why these predefined strategies will be the perfect ramp to get you to launch or customize your loyalty program.

screenshot of en route homepage with rewards program
En Route offers different ways customers can earn points

Jewelry brand En Route offers three ways customers can earn points—signing up for the program, writing a review, and placing an order to earn 15 En Route Points for every $1 spent. However, En Route gets creative in its rewards. Customers can redeem points for discounts, gift cards, free shipping, and products such as its Daily Pearl Stud Earrings. 

5 Loyalty Program Strategies For Shopify Plus Stores
Shopify Plus stores are the perfect candidate for loyalty programs. Discover 5 loyalty program strategies to incorporate using

Your program is easy to manage

Managing a loyalty program should be easy and effortless. Smile Plus is loyalty without the extra work. Once you have customized your program, it's time to engage customers and manage every aspect of your loyalty program. 

Access to your loyalty data helps you see the full picture of your program—what is working and what is not. Smile Plus gives you on-demand access to your loyalty data and powerful reporting tools at your fingertips that can be accessed by your team.

How High-Volume Brands Use Smile Plus
Smile Plus is a plan for high-volume businesses looking for a loyalty program that drives results. Discover how brands use Smile Plus today.

Migrating your loyalty program quickly with support and ease

Migrating your loyalty program from another loyalty app can be difficult…if you’re doing it on your own. Lucky for you, Smile Plus provides 24/7 support with our team of experts to help you migrate and re-launch fast. 

Dr. Sam’s is a skincare brand that was unsatisfied with another loyalty program provider they had been using for years. Frustrated with its current program’s engagement rates and price, the team decided to make the switch to 

This involved transferring point balances and VIP status for its 150,000+ customers across its UK and US websites. By successfully migrating, configuring, and promoting its new loyalty program, Dr. Sam’s achieved incredible results in its first week with In the first 7 days, Dr. Sam’s program earned a 98.71% redemption rate and over £25,000 in Smile-Generated Value (orders with a rewards code).

A Flawless Loyalty Program Migration with Dr. Sam’s
Discover how skincare brand, Dr. Sam’s, executed a flawless high-volume loyalty program migration with and achieved incredible results.

Launching an ecommerce site is hard work. Launching your retention strategy doesn’t have to be. 

Whether it's customizing the best out-of-the-box loyalty program practices, migrating your program, or simply optimizing your program, is the perfect loyalty partner. 

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