is the most trusted loyalty platform by Shopify Plus merchants, powering some of the best Shopify loyalty programs. Over 100,000 brands trust with their loyalty program, including Polaroid, Hush Puppies, Birchbox, Liquid Death, Topps, and more. 

With a growing network of thousands of ecommerce stores offering rewards, the question became, “how do we make work for all merchants?” 

This is why we launched Smile Plus—a plan for high-volume businesses looking for a loyalty program that drives results. Smile Plus is designed for brands who want to launch rewards effortlessly, have deep access to their loyalty data, and make loyalty an embedded part of their customer’s shopping journey — without having to lock into a lengthy or complicated contract.

It’s enterprise loyalty made easy. 

Successful ecommerce brands like Tubby Todd Bath Co, En Route Jewelry, ROOLEE, and several others are already taking full advantage of the benefits of Smile Plus. 

Let’s see exactly how high-growth brands use Smile Plus to get the best of 

Introducing Smile Plus
Introducing Smile Plus a new plan for high-volume brands looking to build customer loyalty effortlessly. Our goal is enterprise loyalty made easy

Keep loyalty top-of-mind with embedded content 

Smile Plus allows you to embed loyalty where it matters. Boost your repeat purchase rate by seamlessly integrating loyalty aspects in the places your customers are shopping. 

With Shopify’s checkout extensibility and Online Store 2.0 App Blocks, you can enable customers to reward points directly at checkout and display point information on product pages, accounts pages, checkout, order status pages, and more. 

A screenshot of a sneaker product page showing that customers could earn 299 points on that purchase. 
Display point balances on individual product pages. 

With Smile Plus, these embedded features are fully customizable with no coding required. You can change the colors, fonts, and styles to match your Shopify theme perfectly. In the example above, the point information is emphasized with a light background that stands out while still matching the overall vibe of the page. 

When this information is displayed prominently on the product page, you increase the perceived value of the purchase in customers’ minds. Seeing what they can earn right away will increase the chance that they will add the item to their cart, increasing their average order value. 

A screenshot of a Shopify checkout page highlighting 2 app blocks. One tells customers how many more points they need to redeem a discount, and the other shows how many points they’ll earn on that purchase. 
Display points on the checkout page with Smile Plus.

With Smile Plus, continue the embedded experience all the way through the customer journey—right to the checkout page. With multiple embeddable Shopify App Blocks on the checkout page, you can:

  • Allow customers to redeem points in a few clicks.
  • Let them know how many more points they need to reach a reward.
  • Remind them how many points they’ll earn on their entire purchase. 

Keeping this value top-of-mind shows customers they are leaving value on the table by not purchasing, increasing reward redemption rates, and decreasing cart abandonment rates simultaneously. 

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Explain everything in one place with a loyalty landing page

The best loyalty programs are easy to understand. Customers need to know right away what value your program offers and how they can get it. This is where a loyalty landing page comes in handy. 

A loyalty explainer page is a website page that visually explains how to join a loyalty program, how to earn points, and how to redeem them. 

Using prebuilt app blocks, create an SEO-friendly loyalty landing page in a few clicks. No need for a developer. From there, you can drive new and existing customers to this page from your other content, like emails or social media. 

2 side-by-side screenshots showing a loyalty landing page for a skincare brand. There is a banner image with a call to action to join the program, a brief overview of how it works, a section explaining how to earn rewards, and one describing how to redeem them. 
Create a branded loyalty landing page in a few clicks with 

This loyalty explainer page built in Shopify with App Blocks displays all the information customers need to know in an easy-to-understand way. From an overview of how the program works to dedicated sections on earning and redeeming, customers are guided through the loyalty experience. Not to mention, it’s perfectly branded and matches the rest of the site.  

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Reward for anything and everything with API access 

As a high-volume growing brand, you’ve built a business your customers love. That comes from truly understanding your ideal customer profile—their values, needs, wants, and everything in between. Your loyalty program must appeal to them. 

With all plans, you can choose from pre-determined point-earning actions like account creation, purchases, social shares, social follows, celebrating a birthday, and more. But Smile Plus gives you the power to get creative with API access.  

Smile Plus grants you API access to truly customize your loyalty program. Reward customers for any action that makes sense to your business using the API. This includes posting user-generated content, purchasing specific products, or anything else that would be valuable to your business. 

A screenshot of a loyalty program explainer page and the rewards panel showing how to earn points. Custom actions include placing a third order and ordering from the Valentine’s Day collection. 
Create custom earning actions with access to the API. 

Look at this example from this confectionery store. As a brand in the food and beverage industry, categorized by high purchase frequency and high competition, it strategically configures its reward-earning actions. 

Offering points for a third purchase is a great incentive to foster loyalty, especially considering a customer has a 62% chance of making another purchase after placing their third order. Similarly, rewarding purchases from a seasonal collection is an excellent strategy for creating excitement around those products. 

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Integrate Smile Plus with your existing ecommerce stack is designed to work with the tools you already love. Level up your rewards program by integrating with popular Shopify apps like Klaviyo, Gorgias,, Okendo, Mailchimp, and so many more. 

Through integrations, you can reward customers for reviews, promote your program through email or SMS marketing, power your customer service tools with real-time customer data, and more. 

With Smile Plus, enjoy the benefits of a cohesive ecommerce stack with unlimited integrations.  

A screenshot of an email sent with Klaviyo telling customers how many points they earned on their purchase.
Integrate with Klaviyo to personalize your email flows. 

You can personalize your communications by integrating with your email marketing provider. Including point balances in your email and SMS marketing reminds customers about your program and encourages them to spend those points through a repeat purchase in the future. 

If there is an app you love that isn’t on our existing integrations list, Smile Plus gives you API access to build that third-party app integration with their team. We promise a deeply customizable loyalty program that works for you. 

Measure progress in real-time with powerful reports

Your loyalty data is a wealth of first-party customer data that can help you make strategic business decisions. And since it’s your data, Smile Plus grants you on-demand access to it. No need to go through an account manager to pull a report. 

Smile Plus users have access to powerful reports at their fingertips. 

A screenshot of the analytics dashboard for a sample store showing key metrics like sales influenced, points outstanding, and redemption rate. It also shows a stacked bar chart showing specific point accounting metrics like points earned, redeemed, refunded, manually adjusted, and expired within 30 days. 
Smile Plus gives on-demand access to your store’s loyalty data. 

With a dedicated Data Room for your store, you can dive into curated reports on:

  • Points accounting to understand how points are earned, redeemed, and expired. 
  • Sales influenced to gauge how Smile Plus is helping your brand grow through loyalty,
  • Endless other possibilities. 

You control your data—filter the information and pull reports for anything you want. 

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Launch quickly and stay flexible 

Smile Plus allows you to craft the best-performing loyalty program for your business without long-term contracts and lengthy launch schedules.

Launch confidently in days, not months. 

High-volume brands are using Smile Plus for the benefits of enterprise-grade loyalty without enterprise-grade headaches. 

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