A rewards marketing stack requires you to use your rewards program data across different marketing tools - including email marketing. With the introduction of the Smile Klaviyo App, email marketing with your rewards program is easier than ever.

How It Works

The Smile Klaviyo app is simple to set up and manage. In a few simple steps you can create powerful reward emails sent through Klaviyo.

Connect Klaviyo Account

To connect your Smile.io account with Klaviyo, navigate to the apps section and connect your Klaviyo account by inputting your API key. If you don’t know this off the top of your head, don’t worry!  We have a link in the process to easily locate it.

If you are not on the appropriate plan to install the Klaviyo app, reach out to one of our rewards specialists who are happy to help you.

Sync Data

Once you have added your API key, we will sync all of your customers from Smile.io to Klaviyo. If an account does not match an email already added in Klaviyo, we will create one for them.

Send Reward Marketing Emails Through Klaviyo

Once you have your data synced, you are able to start sending reward emails through Klaviyo. The app has added some custom properties to contacts merged from Smile.io.

Custom Properties Added:

  • Smile Points Balance
  • Smile Referral URL
  • Smile VIP Tier ID
  • Smile VIP Tier Name

These properties can be used for filtering contacts and used within emails to create personalized reward values.

How to Use

You should never treat your rewards program as a set it and forget it tool. Like any marketing initiative, you need to create communication around it. The best way to do this is with regular email communication that extends above and beyond the regular triggered emails in Smile.io.

Segment Customers

You can use the lists/segments section in Klaviyo to create segments of your customers that match certain Smile criteria. You can use the custom properties we mentioned above as the properties for any customer.

Once you have selected the custom properties you wish to build your segmentation around, use Klaviyo’s built in tools to decide what rules must match. This allows you to create some hyper tailored emails that I will go over in more detail in the pro tips section.

Send Personalized Emails

Not only can you segment and create lists based on your Smile.io rewards data, you can also add that rewards information to your emails.

You can use your Smile.io info inside emails by using the “Person Look Up” function:

{{person|lookup: “Smile Variable”}}

You can also simply select the Insert Property Box in a rich template and scroll to the variable you would like. Using this function allows you to make personalized references to a customer’s points balance, referral url, and current VIP tier.

Pro Tips

Here are a few ways you can use the Klaviyo integration to supercharge your reward marketing efforts.

Send Referral Reminders

Create a segment called “Has Referral URL”.   This allows you to send emails that encourage customers to refer their friends to your store. Most people need a friendly nudge to complete a referral, and this type of email acts as the perfect medium.

Include the customer’s referral URL in the body of the email and remind them of the reward that awaits both them and the friend they are referring. You can send these reminders out once per month, or at any other frequency you wish.

VIP Offer Emails

Create a segment for each of your VIP tiers so that you can send communication that is tailored specifically for them. This allows you to let certain groups know about sales early, invite them to special events, and even send them offers or codes.

Everyone loves to feel special, and by segmenting your VIP tiers from each other you can create offers and events that make sense for the amount of value that each segment is driving to your business.

Just the Beginning

This is just the beginning for our Klaviyo app. We will be improving this app over time, as well as adding additional apps to our growing list.

If you have a suggestion on how to improve this app or want to see another app added, please fill out our app suggestion form.