We’ve been working on something exciting behind the scenes, and we’re excited to finally announce it today. Introducing Smile Plus, a new plan for high-volume brands looking to build customer loyalty effortlessly. 

Smile is a top retention solution, trusted by thousands of the best brands on Shopify, like Polaroid, Liquid Death, Blume, Hush Puppies, Monos, and so many more. 

Our goal is simple with Smile Plus—enterprise loyalty, made easy.

What is Smile Plus? 

Smile Plus is Smile.io’s plan for high-volume brands looking for a customer loyalty program that will scale with them. 

Why launch something this specific?

When we started Smile.io, it was rare to see a loyalty program on an ecommerce site. Today, the opposite is true—almost all Shopify Plus brands incorporate some sort of loyalty marketing that appeals to their audience. Smile now powers over 100,000 ecommerce stores, driving results like increased revenue, improved repeat purchase rates,  higher customer lifetime value, and more. 

The question now was, “how do we make Smile.io work for all merchants?” 

Smile Plus is designed with high-growth and high-volume ecommerce businesses in mind who are looking to launch rewards effortlessly, have deep access to their loyalty data, and make loyalty an embedded part of their customer’s shopping journey — without having to lock into a lengthy or complicated contract. In other words: enterprise-grade loyalty, without enterprise-grade headaches.    

How High-Volume Brands Use Smile Plus
Smile Plus is a plan for high-volume businesses looking for a loyalty program that drives results. Discover how brands use Smile Plus today.

Smile Plus features in a nutshell

Rewards embedded where it matters

Building your brand wasn’t easy, and so Smile.io should fit in seamlessly with what you’ve built. With Smile Plus, brands can customize the buyer’s loyalty journey from the moment they land on your website to even after they checkout. 

With Shopify’s new checkout extensibility options and Online Store 2.0 App Blocks, Smile Plus can be embedded to allow your customers to: 

  • Redeem points directly at checkout
  • Get point info in PDPs, account pages, checkout, order status pages, and more
  • Learn about your program on a dedicated, SEO-friendly loyalty landing page

All of that (and more) in minutes — with no coding required.

Quick to launch and easy to manage

Smile is 100% focused on building the tools you need to grow repeat sales through a loyalty program. This is why we make it easy to launch your program confidently in days. Your program comes set up with best practices used by top-performing programs on Smile.io. Managing a loyalty program should be easy and effortless. Smile Plus is loyalty without the extra work. 

Direct access to a loyalty partner 

Smile Plus merchants get 24/7 expert loyalty support with direct access to our Plus team. You won’t need to dread endless handoffs between sales reps, solutions engineers, and launch managers, just to get your program live. We make the process quick, and as simple as possible for you and your team.

We’ve seen thousands of loyalty program launches, and can recommend exactly what is most likely to work for your business.

Whether you’re building a points, VIP, referral program, or implementing all three, our Plus team is here to help you make informed decisions for your brand every step of the way. In addition, Smile partners closely with the Shopify team, so you know the loyalty experience you’re launching is both leading-edge and forward-compatible for your store.

On-demand access to loyalty data 

Access to your loyalty data helps you see the full picture of your program—what is working and what’s not. Smile Plus gives you on-demand access to your loyalty data and powerful reporting tools at your fingertips. 

Smile Plus users can explore key metrics like sales influenced by Smile, points accounting to see how points are being earned and redeemed, not to mention exclusive Smile industry benchmarks to see how you’re measuring up against our growing network of 100,000 brands

I’m excited to see how Smile Plus will help scaling merchants simplify the customer loyalty experience. If you have questions, our Smile Plus team would love to chat. 

We’re here to help you launch fast and grow with loyalty. Connect with us to get started today with transparent pricing and no long-term contracts.

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