When you’re designing an ecommerce loyalty program, there are many things you need to consider.   Things like your program’s name, currency, and spending rules can all help convince customers to join, but none of this matters if they don’t understand how your program works.

That’s where an explainer page comes in.  Having an explainer page is one of the easiest ways to drive loyalty program engagement and participation because it helps customers understand how your ecommerce loyalty program works.  More importantly, it tells them how they’ll benefit by joining.

In general, an effective explainer page should:

  1. Excite customers about the program’s benefits
  2. Explain how the program works, and how to participate
  3. Convince the customer to participate

Based on this criteria, I’ve put together a list of 10 of my favorite explainer pages for ecommerce loyalty programs.  Let’s see what ecommerce loyalty excellence looks like!

Klova's Sleep Squad

klova's sleep squad explainer page

When I stumbled upon this explainer page, I immediately fell in love with it.  Not only is it clean and simple, but it also uses a refreshingly vibrant and contrasting color palette that helps their custom icons POP off the page.

klova's sleep squad explainer page icons

By letting their icons do most of the talking, Klova was able to keep their explainer page clutter-free and easy to scroll through.  With less words and fewer distractions, customers are able to easily understand the program and absorb more information faster, making it highly effective.

The Takeaway: Less is always more

Use a combination of icons, images, screenshots, and simplistic design instead of text to make your program’s information easier to digest.

Drinkfinity's Refer a Friend

Drinkfinity's refer a friend explainer page

When it comes to staying hydrated, Drinkfinity thinks it should be simple: pop a pod ad get sipping!  They applied this simple, straightforward approach to their rewards program as well, designing an explainer page that doesn’t waste any time.  Within seconds, customers are told how to earn and spend rewards with simple iconography and bold text.

To really hammer it home, the lush green pattern of the “How it works” section perfectly complements the bold and vibrant feature image, drawing the customer’s eyes to the important information.

Drinkfinity's refer a friend explainer page instructions

Aside from these two elements, there’s very little on the page.  Simple text describes how the referral program works, and a clear button invites customers to participate.  This design method ensures that the page will pass the “blink test”, giving customers only the information they need in order to decide whether they want to join or not.

When a program’s this simple (and looks this good), why wouldn’t you join?

The Takeaway: Simplicity is key

Design your explainer page around your program’s most important information and be mindful of what information is going to stand out in that initial 3 to 5 second glance.

Muscle & Strength’s M&S Rewards

Muscle & Strength's explainer page banner

When you sell products online, people want to see pictures of each item so that they know what they’re getting.  The same can be said for the rewards in an ecommerce loyalty program. People join programs for the rewards, and while points and dollars off can be motivating free products help showcase a program’s tangible value.

Muscle & Strength rewards catalog

Muscle & Strength rewards program members with products their customers know and love.  Through both their informative explainer page and a separate Rewards Catalog, customers can browse all of the available rewards and get an idea of what they’d like to earn.  Including these promotional or best-selling product rewards on your explainer page helps make the end goal real for your customers, encouraging them to spend more to get more.

The Takeaway: Make rewards visible

If they see it, they’ll believe it! Show customers real products to help make the value of participating in your program more tangible.

Spectrum's Spectrum Rewards

Spectrum explainer page banner

Readability is one of the most important features of any explainer page.  If you have paragraphs of text, chances are customers will assume your program is complicated and will choose not to join based on that first impression.  This means it’s critical to answer key questions quickly: how your program works, how shoppers earn and redeem rewards, and how to sign up.

Spectrum explainer page how it works

Spectrum’s explainer page hits the nail on the head.  Right off the bat, customers are shown how the program works with short snippets of text accompanied by custom fonts and branded photography.  Each of these features are both informative and on brand, eliminating the need for customers to visit a separate FAQ section.

Spectrum explainer page instructions

You really need to see the whole page to truly appreciate it’s design, but this is undoubtedly one of the best ecommerce loyalty explainer pages out there!

The Takeaway: Get to the point

Answer key questions quickly to avoid the need for a separate FAQ page and unnecessary clicking.

One Love Organics’ the love club

ecommerce loyalty pages one love organics

Imagine you’re a new customer visiting your site for the first time.  Are they going to be able to find your loyalty program? If the answer’s no, you’ll definitely want to take a look at One Love Organic’s loyalty page – or rather, their program launcher.

One Love Organics rewards panel

Unlike the other programs we’ve looked at so far, One Love Organic has both a beautifully designed explainer page and a program panel. The panel can be accessed on any page of their site by clicking their “Earn Points” launcher.  From there, customers are told that they can earn and spend points for rewards and are invited to create an account.

One Love Organics understands that visibility is the number one way to encourage customers to join an ecommerce loyalty program, and has made sure that every single customer can find their loyalty program no matter where they are on the site.

The Takeaway: Make it visible

Make it visible! Whether you use a link in your navigation bar or a customer panel (like these other sweet examples from Smile) to advertise your explainer page, getting it in front of people is the best way to get them to see it.

Camera Ready Cosmetics' theCREW

Camera Ready Cosmetics explainer page banner

There are two reasons a customer visits an explainer page: to find out more about the program or to sign up.  This makes it extremely important to design an explainer page that gives customers clear instructions on how to do that.

Camera Ready Cosmetics raises the bar by giving customers the opportunity to join as soon as they land on their explainer page.  This makes their call to action highly visible without cluttering the rest of their explainer page.  Customers are also shown what they get for joining, and this value helps illustrate how much customers stand to gain from the program as a whole.

Camera Ready Cosmetics join program CTA

Customers are also invited to join at the bottom of the page with an equally bold call-to-action.  This type of design appeals to both motivations for visiting an explainer page and results in a higher enrolment rate, making it highly effective.

The Takeaway: Provide a clear call-to-action

If your customers aren’t told to enroll, chances are they won’t.  Make participation with clear instructions and an easy-to-access enrolment form.

Marvel’s Marvel Insider

ecommerce loyalty pages marvel

I’ve been a Marvel fan for years, so when Marvel rolled the Insider program out I was all over that.  While I would have been interested no matter what the page looked like, they have done an exceptional job of using their explainer page to highlight the benefits of joining their program.  For one thing, rewards are featured prominently at both the top and bottom of the page, sandwiching the more mundane program details with the cool stuff customers actually want to know about.

ecommerce loyalty pages marvel tiers

However, the most notable benefit is social status.  Marvel Insider rewards customers by dividing them into four progressively elite groups, and this program feature is strongly emphasized on their explainer page.

This is a genius move because VIP tiers are a loyalty feature that sets many successful programs apart.  Advertising it heavily on their explainer page helps Marvel move their program into an elite loyalty category that successful programs like Sephora’s VIB Rouge currently occupy.  In this way, Marvel’s explainer page communicates both what customers stand to gain and what they have to lose by participating or not participating in the program.

The Takeaway: Show off what makes you unique

If you offer something that no one else does, highlight it to help shoppers see what makes your program special.

Esther's VIP Rewards

Esther's explainer page banner

From the minute you land on Esther’s VIP Rewards page, you’re treated to beautiful photography that helps you feel like a part of their brand community.  From top to bottom, their loyalty page is designed with relatable photography that keeps their models and members at the forefront. Program elements are accompanied by high quality photos that help illustrate the feel of Esther’s products and vibe, creating both a desire to participate and a desire to get involved with the fashion brand.

Esther's ways to earn

This type of explainer page is very appealing because people like pictures.  The less text you have, the more likely people are to read the little copy you do have, and Esther has taken this concept to another level by repurposing program details as photo captions.  This combination of photos and text brings their program to life in a different way, allowing them to leverage the appeal of their brand as a component of their loyalty program.

The Takeaway: Be visual

Photography will help customers see how your program integrates with your brand as a whole, while providing an attractive backdrop for the nuts and bolts of your loyalty solution.

Nintendo’s My Nintendo

ecommerce loyalty pages nintendo

Nintendo has built their success on characters and stories that draw people together.  From Mario Party to Legend of Zelda, their brand is internationally known and inspires happy memories and positive responses from millions of customers worldwide.  In other words, the Nintendo brand is built on emotions.

ecommerce loyalty pages nintendo mario bros

It makes sense, then, that their explainer page was designed with these emotions in mind.  The My Nintendo explainer page is bright, colorful, and playful, with familiar characters explaining how to earn and redeem rewards.  These elements immediately make customers happy, and leads them to equate that emotion with the My Nintendo program.

Nintendo’s explainer page demonstrates their keen understanding of emotions as powerful motivators.   As much as customers want to be rewarded, they also want to have fun! So when an explainer page makes you feel this good, it’s very hard not to join.

The Takeaway: Evoke an emotion

Customers respond to positive emotions and are looking for experiences that make them feel good.  Color, fun characters, and familiar storylines will turn your explainer page into an engaging and informative loyalty tool.

Urban Outfitter’s UO Rewards

ecommerce loyalty pages urban outfitters

Customers want to participate in loyalty programs that not only benefit them but also fit into their life.  Urban Outfitters has gone above and beyond to show customers how UO Rewards acts as an extension of their lifestyle.  From special events to social sharing, customers are walked through the various elements of UO Rewards and how they fit together to deliver a seamless rewards experience.

Urban Outfitters explainer page how to earn

With a combination of product and candid photography, customers are shown what interacting with the program looks like…and it looks pretty good!  Designing their explainer page this way gives Urban Outfitters the opportunity to present their brand as a solution, highlighting how it can be integrated into any busy schedule to help members achieve their lifestyle goals.

The Takeaway: Be the solution

Identify the needs of your most loyal customers and design an explainer page that illustrates how your program can meet them.

Get Inspired!

The ten programs mentioned here are by no means the only fantastic ecommerce loyalty explainer pages out there.  You can find even more amazing examples on our Pinterest account.

Whether you draw your inspiration from our list or elsewhere, there’s no doubt that a well-designed explainer page will serve you and your ecommerce loyalty program well.  So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start designing! An explainer page could be the only thing separating you from your next best customer.