Over the last few years, many high profile online brands have achieved crazy growth with referral programs. That is why we allow you to run a referral program on its own or in conjunction with a points or VIP program.

We're very excited to announce that over the last few months, we have completely remastered our referral programs so that they are easier to use, more customizable and more effective. Today, we are happy to officially announce it to you!

Customize Referral Messaging

My favorite new feature is the ability to customize your referral message. In the past, you had to set meta-tags on the page you were sharing. This was difficult to set up, and an absolute pain to tweak and adjust.

Now with a Smile.io referral program, customizing the preview your customers will see is as simple as picking an image and typing a few words.

setup custom referral messaging

Once you save your branded message, your preview will be displayed to anyone receiving an invitation to your shop when a customer shares their link or presses a social share button.  This allows you to create a fully branded experience that includes your referral shares.

You can also easily make tweaks to your copy and image as you try different rewards and move into different seasons. Now, you can easily swap out all your referral messaging to a Christmas theme in two minutes!

Custom messaging for referral share links

Even though this alone  is a game changer for improving marketing and increasing brand visibility, we've just scratched the surface of all of our referral improvements.

Specify Your Referral Landing Page

Have a high converting page on your site? You can now redirect all new referral traffic to the page of your choice.

This allows you to push certain products or educate your customers by sending them to an explainer page before they buy. The homepage is not always the best place for referral traffic, so send referrals to the landing page that customers are most likely to convert on.

One of our focuses with these improvements was to give you more brand flexibility with your referral program. That is why we now allow you to use your own domain for referral URLs. This allows you to control the entire brand experience of a referral share.

That means you can now use a domain like referrals.yourstore.com instead our default domain!

Easier Sharing and Channel Control

The best referral programs are as frictionless as possible. That is why we have made it even easier for customers to share their referrals through their favorite channels.

Referral share buttons are now directly beneath the referral link on the homecard. This makes sharing easier to discover and complete.

customized referral card

You also now have control over which share channels to display below the referral link. Choose from Twitter, Facebook, email, and more.

Easier Mobile Sharing

Here at Smile.io, we pride ourselves on being the best rewards program experience on mobile. As a result, our referral programs deliver an even better mobile sharing experience.

mobile referral sharing

You now have the ability to enable sharing on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for customers browsing on mobile devices. This will launch the app on their phone and allow them to easily share with anyone in their contact list.

+ More Features and Functionality

There are so many new additions to referral programs that outlining them all here would be too long. We will outline each new feature in their own highlight posts in days to come, or you can get in touch with our team to learn more.

We can't wait to show you everything we've been working on.