Today we are proud to announce the release of points at checkout. This feature gives you the ability to encourage your customers to spend their points directly on the checkout page.

For those using Shopify this feature is only available on Shopify Plus.

With points at checkout, your customers can redeem their points in the checkout process without interrupting the shopping experience. Having rewards available at checkout increases conversions, program exposure, and engagement.

How It Works

We have made it easy for your developer to add a points slider or points drop down to the checkout page of your site, depending on what works best for your store.

Add Elements to Your Checkout Page

The points dropdown displays rewards that your customers can spend their points on. Rewards that the customer has enough points for can be applied from the dropdown, while rewards that require more points are greyed out.

points at checkout dropdown demonstration

This is a fantastic option for businesses that have a variety of reward types, such as dollar off discounts, free shipping, and percentage off.

Points Slider

If your primary reward is points for a discount, the points slider is for you! The slider allows your customers to select how many points they wish to spend on the current purchase by sliding the selector from left to right.

points at checkout slider demonstration gif

The selector is an easy way for customers to spend points, as well as a visual reminder for your customers to use the points they have. Remember: a program member does not understand the true value of your program until they have felt the positive emotion of claiming a reward!

Style the Elements for Your Brand

As long as your platform allows you to customize javascript on the checkout page, you have the flexibility to style the points at checkout elements to match the rest of the page and your brand.

If you are using Shopify Plus, these elements will automatically grab the style of your checkout page.

Benefits of Point Redemption at Checkout

1. Increase Exposure

A points program is most effective when it is always visible, which is why we always recommend having as many program touch points as possible.

Adding an additional prompt to the checkout page gives you one more way to increase program exposure.

2. Increase Engagement

Program engagement is generally measured by your redemption rate. This is the rate at which your reward points are being turned into a reward.

By presenting a way for your customers to redeem points when they will see the most value, you are giving them a strong reason to claim a reward. This increases your overall program engagement.

3. Seamless Redemption

The checkout page is where a customer uses any reward they have claimed. The points slider and dropdown allow your customers to seamlessly claim rewards and apply them directly to their order, without ever leaving the checkout page!

Points at checkout is available today on select plans!