Reward Program Strategy

Where Should Customer Referrals Land?

When it comes to running a successful referral program, getting someone to click a referral link is only half of the equation. You still need them to accept your offer and get them interested enough in what you are selling to take action.

So where should ecommerce customer referrals be sent?

custom referral landing page catalog

A referral landing on a catalog page

What makes a referral program great?
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Send Customer Referrals to Your Homepage for Simplicity

Newly referred users often do not know the full story of your brand or what you sell. Since your site’s homepage is constructed to help customers find what they’re looking for and communicate the value of what you sell, sending referrals to your homepage is extremely effective.

While your homepage is a great place to start, customer referrals are most effective when the person being referred sees something valuable/relevant right away. That is where some of the strategic landing pages listed below become a better fit.


Send Customers to Strategic Landing Pages

Sometimes your site’s homepage is just not the right spot for new customer referrals. Landing pages that focus on what you sell or what you are offering are great alternatives to the homepage.

Here are a few example pages you can direct ecommerce customer referrals to:

Product Page

Sending referrals to a product page is effective if you have products that are super appealing to new shoppers. These types of products often have a ton of brand recognition or are an easy sell to new customers.

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Products like samplers and starter kits make great prduct landing pages for your referrals.

Sending referrals to a product page can help you bridge the gap between your offer and the product for which the reward can be claimed.

Catalog Page

A catalog page is a good option for stores that have a diverse range of products. If you sell everything from bike pedals to baby bottles, you need to let your new customer referrals focus on something in particular.

custom referral landing page product shelf icon
Get your new customer referrals interested by showing them your most popular products right away.

Take a look at what your most popular type of product is and send your new referrals to those products first.

“Learn More” Page

Another option for your referral traffic is to send them to a page that gives more detail about your brand or product. A “learn more” page can make products easier to understand, and as a result is a great place to send referral traffic!

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If you have a product that isn't easy to understand, send your referral traffic to your "learn more" page.

Sending referrals to a learn more page ensures that potential customers know enough about your products to consider accepting the referral offer.

Custom Referral Page

You can also send your customer referrals to a dedicated page that says whatever you like! This could be a page that showcases your best products, explains exactly how to use the referral reward, or anything else you can think of!

custom referral landing page rainbow icon
Being able to select any page as your referrer landing page opens up endless possibilities.

Sending referral traffic to a dedicated referral page opens up endless possibilities!


The Right Landing Page Makes a Referral Effective

Whether you want to keep things simple, show off your brand with catalog and product pages, or teach referred customers something new, the right referral landing page will have a positive impact on your referral conversion rate.  

A referral program is more than just a landing page.
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