The Importance of a Consistent Tone of Voice

August 23, 2016

Is that title making a statement, or is it being completely sarcastic? It is hard to tell in the absence of an actual voice. You should remove this type of ambiguity from your loyalty program communication, and make the tone of voice match your existing brand tone.

When I say brand tone, I mean the feel and voice your content takes. Your loyalty program should take the same tone as the rest of your site, brand, and communication. Your shoppers should be able to recognize your loyalty communication even if you were to separate it from your logo and site.


The Most Common Tone of Voice Problem

Before I go into examples, and how to make sure you are matching your loyalty program communication with the rest of your site, I want to explain how tone can be a problem.

tone of voice disjointed

Imagine you are the brand manager for a brand that focuses on simplicity and elegance. You take a minimalist approach to design, and your web-pages focus on explaining things visually with as few words as possible. Keep this picture painted in your mind.

Now imagine that that brand’s rewards page looks like this:

tone of voice bad explainer

This page and communication in no way matches the tone of voice of that brand. Instead, it creates a disconnect between what the shopper has come to know and expect and the new communication. This type of loyalty communication disconnect leads to lower enrolment and lower engagement rates.


3 Areas to Adjust Your Program’s Tone of Voice

Here are three areas your shoppers will interact with your program and that you will want to ensure match your brand tone.

1. Loyalty Explainer Page

For those of you that are new to the blog, a loyalty explainer page is a page on your site that gives your shoppers the details about how they will interact with your program. You will want to learn the explainer basics, but you also want to make sure the language matches your brand.

tone of voice evys tree

Above is the top of Evy’s Tree’s explainer page.  You can see that the tone of voice and wording reflect the brand, which is simple and elegant.  This aligns with their focus on creating clothing that looks good and can be worn everyday. The tagline and imagery used on their explainer page matches this perfectly. They have created their own loyalty brand.

Contrast this to the example I gave where a brand with a similar image and brand voice communicated with a giant block of text. You can see how communicating with the right tone of voice on your explainer page is important.

2. Loyalty Emails

Company emails are your main contact with customers online. Think of each one as a conversation between your brand and the customer. Your loyalty program emails are no different. Make sure that emails you send as part of your loyalty program match up.

tone of voice spam

Be sure to use language that matches your store and brand. If you refer to your shoppers as something special like “fashionistas” on your site, keep that language consistent in your loyalty emails. If you like to write in a sarcastic style, make sure your loyalty communication is not rigid and structured. Keep that email’s tone of voice consistent and you will have loyalty emails that are instantly recognizable.

3. Point and Program Name

Pleeeeeeeeaaaaassssseee do not just call your loyalty program “my loyalty program” and your currency “points.” This is so boring for your customers and does not do your brand/store justice. Your brand has a deep meaning to your customers, so when you add a loyalty program treat the name and currency as an extension of your brand.

Be sure that the names you choose match that tone of voice we outlined earlier. If you have a bold brand, name, and site, you want to choose a program and currency name that stands out. A great example of carrying a consistent tone into your loyalty program is Sephora’s Very Important Beauty Insider Program.

tone of voice beauty insider

Sephora uses bold language and plays on exclusiveness and prestige, and their loyalty program uses the same voice and tone. The name Beauty Insider is perfect! It matches the brand tone and follows all of our tips on creating the perfect loyalty program name.


Match Your Loyalty Program Communications to the Rest of Your Site

Consistent brand communication is essential to any business, but it could not be more true in ecommerce. You do not have sales associates and showrooms to talk to your customers. They only know what they see and read from your communication. Be sure that your loyalty program is matching the message that the rest of your business is telling them.

To summarize, here are the three most important areas to consider when matching your tone of voice to your loyalty program:

tone of voice takeaways

1. Your Loyalty Program Explainer Page


2. Your Loyalty Email Communication


3. Your Loyalty Program Name

If you pay attention to these three areas, you will create a program that is memorable, on brand, and above all effective.