4 Loyalty Program Examples in Food and Beverage

November 17, 2017

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on September 20, 2016 and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness on November 17, 2017.

If there is one industry that lives and dies by repeat purchases, it's the food and beverage industry. The ticket prices are relatively low and margins are slimmer than other industries, meaning you need to sell in high volumes! Volume can be created by getting people to buy more per visit or by getting them to visit more often, which is where a loyalty program comes in.

Is a Rewards Program Right For You?
Is a Rewards Program Right For You?
Discover if a rewards program is a good fit for your brand by examining your current goals and what they would look like as part of a larger retention strategy.

The food & beverage industry is extremely competitive. You are not only competing against other shops like yours, but you are also competing against all of the alternatives. This stiff competition means that food and beverage companies can really benefit from creating customer loyalty. Just look at the success of Starbucks’ program!

Wondering what this looks like in practice? Here are 4 examples of effective loyalty programs in the food and beverage industry, split between restaurant locations and retailers of food/beverage products.


Chioptle’s Chiptopia

food and beverage chipotle chiptopia

While Chipotle's loyalty program was simply promotional and is no longer active, it remains a noteworthy example of the new era take on the classic loyalty punch card.

food and beverage chipotle tiers

To participate in the program, customers were required to purchase a certain number of entrees to begin earning entrees for free. While this sounds fairly simple, the program was more than meets the eye. If customers stayed loyal for the entirety of the program, they began to unlock merchandise and experiential rewards like hats and catered events.  

food and beverage chipotle exclusive

As previously mentioned, this loyalty program took the classic punch card program to the next level! Shoppers were rewarded for their frequent patronage, and their ability to earn was restricted to a three month period. This definitely encourages shoppers to increase their purchase frequency and lower their average time between purchases. All in all, this is a basic yet effective way to drive the metrics that a food and beverage loyalty program should deem important.



Jones Soda’s Jones Rewards

food and beverage jones soda home

Jones soda is an amazing example of a food and beverage loyalty program done right! While there are multiple reasons why, let's hone in on two. First, Jones does an amazing job of nurturing new loyalty members. By sending tailored email communications that offer members 100 points just for joining, Jones demonstrates their understanding of how important customer information really is.

When members join the program it gives Jones an opportunity to market to them in the future, especially if they find the program engaging!

food and beverage jones soda email

The second area that Jones excels in is their use of a loyalty program to establish a sense of community. By selling soda online, Jones knows that they are asking customers to trust their brand and their product without tasting it first. While it's initially hard for customers to trust companies without a reference point, they do trust other customers! The simple fix? Incentivize shoppers to share their voice online by offering them points.

food and beverage jones soda earn

As you can see, Jones offers program members points for following them on social channels, sharing the store with friends, and leaving product reviews. This social community establishes trust for new shoppers by creating digital evidence that previous customers love the product. With a little bit of incentive (like points), customers who have previously purchased your products will be willing to perform these actions for your brand! 

Jones Rewards program is a food and beverage loyalty program I would recommend building your own off of.

Create your own points program
Want to Create Your Own Points Program?
Chat with a Rewards Specialist to learn how you can boost customer loyalty and repeat purchases with a Smile.io Points program.

Starbucks’ Starbucks Rewards

food and beverage starbucks home

Not only is this program one of the best loyalty programs in the food and beverage industry, it is also one of the best loyalty examples in the world. Starbucks has done a fantastic job motivating loyalty in their customers.

The thing I like the most about Starbucks is that it uses its premium offering and brand image in its loyalty program as well. The use of tiers is usually used in cosmetic programs or other luxury brands, but it fits in extremely well with Starbucks’ program. This is due to the brand image they have created.

food and beverage starbucks gold

These tiers motivate customers to shop more often in order to achieve that gold status. Sometimes the best motivator in a loyalty program is not the rewards, but the thrill of the chase. Everyone wants to be the best, and Starbucks challenges you to do so!

With their new loyalty program changes, Starbucks has completely changed how they communicate their program and I must say that they do an amazing job. They have put together an amazing loyalty explainer page and even a video to quickly explain how to use the program and the benefits you receive. 


Like I said, Starbucks is not only one of the best beverage loyalty programs – it is also a top 5 loyalty program in my opinion!


The Maca Team’s TMT Rewards

food and beverage maca team referrals

If you haven’t heard of the maca root, I recommend checking it out, because it's the super food your diet needs. It just so happens that the leading seller of maca root also has an  amazing customer loyalty program that your wallet needs!

When you sell a consumable that the general population is not familiar with, it becomes vital to prove that others have already tried it. That is why the referral component of The Maca Team’s loyalty program is so important.

Create Your Own Referral Program
Want to Create Your Own Referral Program?
Chat with a Rewards Specialist to learn how you can accelerate your growth with a Smile.io referral program.

Each referral creates a potential new customer and shows that existing customers trust and love the product. While non-incentivized referrals don't often result in the conversion of a new customer, rewards are a simple fix to this issue. A loyalty program gives customers incentive to not only refer their friends, but also convert those new shoppers into loyal customers so that rewards can be earned on both sides. It's a win-win!


Tips for Loyalty Programs in the Food and Beverage Industry

I hope the above examples have inpired you to develop stronger ties of customer loyalty to your own food and beverage business. At Smile.io, we've had the privilege of developing rewards programs for so many businesses in this industry that we've compiled some loyalty best practices, just for you!

Looking for more tips on how to strengthen customer loyalty in your food and beverage business? Here are our parting thoughts: 

1. Gather Customer Information

Because the food and beverage industry is all about selling high volume, you need to have as much information about your customer as possible. We always recommend giving bonus points to your customers when they register for a customer account. This gives you more info to market to them in the future.

2. Reward Customers for Sharing Their Experience

Because you cannot sample or smell online, it's important for your brand to establish trust in another way. The best way to do this is to encourage your existing customers to show new shoppers how awesome your products are.

We recommend that you reward points for actions like leaving a review, sharing your store on social media, and even following your social accounts. This gives new customers who have not tried your product the confidence to do so!

3. Try a Percentage-Based Reward

A percentage based reward encourages customers to spend more. The more they buy with that purchase the more value they get from that reward. Just keep the percentage reward lower than your average profit margin and you have a win-win strategy.

Build a Rewards Program in Food and Beverage
How to Build a Rewards Program in Food & Beverage
With a professional rewards program, you can pull ahead of your competition and ensure that your customers know that your mouth watering customer experience is second to none.