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Who said popcorn was just for movie nights? EATABLE Popcorn proves that this timeless snack can be enjoyed on any occasion with its line of sophisticated, alcohol-infused popcorn.

Toronto-based health-conscious foodies, Charlene and Vince first bonded over their shared love of Cabernet Sauvignon at a wine tasting class. From there, the pair got married, whipped up a batch of whiskey-infused popcorn in their kitchen, and launched a successful international brand. The husband and wife team set out to make snacking exciting again and we think they’ve proven that finding the perfect pairing is what it’s all about.

Smile ABCs EATABLE Popcorn–An overhead image of a table with a spread of food on it. There are several charcuterie boards, hands passing bowls of food back and forth, and several bowls and bags of EATABLE Popcorn.
EATABLE Popcorn sells gourmet, artisanal alcohol-infused popcorn for any occasion.

EATABLE Popcorn offers a range of artisanal gourmet popcorn flavors inspired by happy hour. From fan-favorite Pop the Champagne to Poppy Caesar, there is something for everyone and every occasion. Their products are hand-crafted using non-GMO corn kernels and all-natural, locally sourced ingredients to offer customers a guilt-free indulgence.

“Eating Good, Doing Good”

Central to their brand since the early days is the philosophy of eating good and doing good. Starting with the “eating good” part, Charlene and Vince thought of EATABLE after feeling frustrated with the lack of clean, yet flavorful snacks on store shelves. Their brand was born to “create a refined snacking experience for curious palates and gourmet treats that remind you to savor and celebrate everyday moments with those you love.”

Smile ABCs EATABLE Popcorn–The image shows 3 separate product photos of different flavors. The first is the “Poppin’ Rosé All Day” blend, with champagne glasses of rose beside the bag, along with popcorn kernels, strawberries, and watermelon slices. The second is the “Pop the Salt and Tequila” blend with salt-rimmed glasses of tequila beside the bad, along with kernels, lemon slices, and a bowl of salt. The final is the “Pop The Champagne” blend with glasses of champagne surrounding the bag, along with popcorn kernels, and white chocolate.
EATABLE has several flavors including rosé, tequila, and champagne-infused blends.

“They worked for over a year to perfect recipes featuring the flavors of classic wines, spirits, and cocktails, collaborating with professional pastry chefs and Sommeliers to learn the art of confectionery and chocolate making. The result was the “perfect pairing” of two loves–a good snack and a good drink,” Charlene shares with us.

Moving on to the “doing good” part of its mission, EATABLE ensures that all of its products are consciously crafted. This means integrating sustainability at every stage of the production process from the ingredients used to the packaging it comes in. EATABLE is a Certified Plastic Neutral company and partial proceeds of each purchase are donated to Second Harvest Canada, the country’s largest food rescue organization.

“We’ve found immense value through our partnership with rePurpose Global which has enabled us to adopt a sustainability pledge at EATABLE–for every bag sold, we remove one from our environment.”
- Charlene Li, Co-founder, and CEO
Smile ABCs EATABLE Popcorn–A screenshot of rePurpose’s website page showing their partnership with EATABLE Popcorn. The banner image is a white countertop with popcorn kernels and a bag of EATABLE’S tequila blend. The text on top reads, “Go Plastic Neutral With EATABLE. Refined snacks for everyday celebrations.”
EATABLE has a partnership with rePurpose to become a Certified Plastic Neutral company.

Popping up with collaborations

What started in 2019 as a desire to spice up the snacking industry has grown into an international phenomenon. EATABLE has secured dozens of impressive collaborations and they couldn’t have done it without their community of brand advocates cheering them on.

Smile ABCs EATABLE Popcorn–The image shows 2 photos of EATABLE products at a retail store. The first shows 3 bags of popcorn on a shelf and the second image shows a hand holding a bag of the ‘Pop the Champagne blend in front of the storefront outside.
One of Smile’s team members came across EATABLE products in a local retail store.

Currently sold in 600+ retailers in Canada and USA, EATABLE has created an incredible omnichannel shopping experience for customers. The brand has also secured partnerships with beverage brands like “La Marca Prosecco, Barefoot Wines, Bacardí, and most recently created custom 24k edible gold popcorn for the 95th Oscars® in partnership with The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.” They’ve literally created a product worth gold and customers are noticing!

EATABLE also uses the power of food and beverage lifestyle influencers to share their brand. With endorsements from people like Siera Bearchell, Miss Universe Canada 2016, and YouTube influencer RachhLovesLife, EATABLE is able to reach a wider audience and build authenticity through social proof.

Aside from dozens of impressive press appearances and influencer features, EATABLE is loved by its community of loyal customers. With over 20K Instagram followers and hundreds of tagged photos and stories, customers are eager to share their experiences online. This type of positive user-generated content helps create trust with new customers.

Pop Perks

EATABLE has gone the extra mile in showing customer appreciation through their loyalty program, Pop Perks. Through their points program, customers can earn 5 points for dollar spent, as well as earning points for social media interactions, and a whopping 2500 points on their birthday.  

“Since our inception, we’ve been able to increase our customer repeat purchase rate significantly (over 10% lift) just through the creation of a loyalty program!” 

The EATABLE team shared that, “a loyalty program has been a key component of our customer retention strategy at EATABLE, as well as a good referral mechanism to turn our customers into ambassadors as well!” By rewarding both loyal and new customers with a $15 referral reward, EATABLE has been able to simultaneously acquire and retain customers, helping them achieve business growth.

Whether you’re gearing up for a family movie night or hosting an extravagant dinner party, EATABLE Popcorn has your snacking needs covered.

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