Rewards programs are a great way to show appreciation to your best customers, but only if they understand how it works. For a customer to understand your program’s value, they need to understand how it’s set up and how they can benefit.

In the past we’ve talked a lot about the value of having a dedicated program page to help you do this.  The most successful explainer pages are always fully branded, easy to read, and highly visual, but what kind of visuals should you be using?

While there’s no wrong answer, I’d argue that there’s no better way to explain your program than a concise,  HD, explainer video.

Why Video is Great for Explaining Reward Programs

At this point, there shouldn’t be any doubt that video is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. In 2017, it accounted for an insane 74% of all online traffic, and a few studies showed that videos keep people on a webpage 2.6 times longer.

Video is the preference of most online viewers because it's easy to digest and packs a ton of information into a short period of time.

Clearly consumers love watching videos, and this is probably due to how easy they are to digest. Videos require little thought or effort and are able to communicate a lot of information (such as earning and spending rules)t in a short period of time. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you can imagine how much a video is worth!

Video Helps You Reach a Wider Audience

Video is also a great way to communicate the benefits of your rewards program to a wider group of your customers.  Since your customers aren’t all the same, it would be unreasonable to assume that they all consume content the same way.  It can be very tempting to assume that just because you’ve published something your customer should all know about it, but you need to remember that your customers are not paying as close attention as you.

Use video as a medium to reach as many unique customers as possible.

That’s why it is important to try and reach your customers in as many ways as possible. Video can be published to your explainer page onsite, as well as on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Using these channels and different forms of media will catch people’s eyes and get them pumped about joining your brand new rewards program!

How Great Brands Use Video to Explain Their Rewards Program

Since including video in a landing page has been shown to increase conversions by 80%, it’s no surprise that more awesome brands are starting to incorporate it into their rewards marketing strategies.  Here are a few examples of the how best and brightest advertise and explain their rewards program with video.

Erin Condren Makes Their Rewards Program Super Easy to Understand

Erin Condren, a phenomenal stationery supply brand, has taken video rewards marketing to a whole new level by launching not one but two amazing explainer videos.  The first provides a high overview of what the program is all about, and the second gives a step by step tutorial on how to navigate, redeem, and earn points.

Breaking their videos into two parts is a huge part of why their program is seeing such a great rate of adoption. For some customers all it takes to get on board is a few details, while others prefer to know as much as they can before making a commitment.  Between their two videos, Erin Condren’s customers are being properly educated and informed of what they can earn by joining the program, and this knowledge prompts them to sign up, engage with, and become more loyal customers.

Rockin Wellness Injects Their Program With Energy

Rockin’ Wellness did a fantastic job at fueling up their rewards program with an enthusiastic video that you can’t help but get a little excited about. In it, the founder of the supplements brand tells fans exactly how they can earn points, redeem rewards, and why he’s excited to be launching the program.

Sharing his personal enthusiasm for the program  makes the program feel more personal, establishing a strong emotional connection with his most loyal customers.  This does a lot to both convince customers to try the program and then fall in love with it and the rest of the brand. By getting people pumped up about it, he is preparing his program to be significantly more successful than his competitors’.

Starbucks Irons Out the Details

Starbucks is an interesting example of how to use video for a rewards program because they started using it after they had already launched. Even though many would call them the original masters of reward programs,  Starbucks revamped their entire program 2 years ago, changing the way it worked.

To get ahead of the questions they knew they would inevitably receive, they created a great explainer video that answered all of the questions ahead of time.

This is a fantastic way of creating an FAQ for customers that are looking for more of a personal experience. Too often customers are directed to a long page of text to answer their nitty-gritty questions, which doesn’t provide a good customer experience.  With Starbucks’ rewards video, confused customers simply needed to watch the video to have every one of their questions answered.

This proactive approach to explaining the program’s changes reduced a lot of friction.  When Starbucks customers interacted with the program post-revamp, this video made sure everyone understood how the changes were supposed to work, increasing the number of customers prepared and excited to continue participating.

Videos Are The Key To Explaining Your Rewards Program

The moral of the story is that your customers need to understand how your rewards program works in order for the (and you!) to get the most value out of it. Video allows you to keep your program easy to understand while appealing to a larger audience, making it something that should definitely not be overlooked.