Trust is one of the biggest driving factors behind a successful rewards program.  When customers trust your program - and brand in general - it can have significant positive impact on your online store. Getting reviews from your customers lets new shoppers know that they can trust your brand and the products you sell.

With’s Yotpo app you can reward your customers points when they leave reviews through Yotpo, creating a seamless experience between the two systems.

What is Yotpo?

Yotpo helps brands leverage customer reviews and photos throughout the buyer journey to increase trust, social proof, and sales. With Yotpo, businesses can collect every type of user-generated content and use it to build a stronger brand and better customer experience.

How It Works

Once you have the Yotpo app set up, you will be able to configure/customize it within your points program.

Connect Your Yotpo Account

You can find the Yotpo app in the apps section of From there, you can easily install it with just one click!  If you do not see this section or are on the wrong plan, a rewards specialist can help you out.

To connect your account, you will need to grab your Yotpo API key and API secret. We have a link for you on the app page for you to easily find them in your Yotpo account.

Reward Points for Yotpo Reviews

Once your Yotpo account is connected to, you can begin to reward your customers for leaving verified buyer reviews. These are reviews left through Yotpo’s “Mail After Purchase” email to ensure that the reviewer has actually bought the product they’re reviewing.

How to Use

Once the app is installed, it is incredibly easy to get things up and running. Just create an earning rule in the points section of the app.

Set How Many Points

During the setup of your Yotpo earning rule, you will be asked how many points you want to reward. The amount of points you issue is up to you, but we recommend only giving the equivalent of up to a dollar in points.

You can offer steeper incentives if you restrict the amount of times the action can be done. The amount you decide to issue should reflect the amount of money you would be willing to pay to generate an additional review.

Set How Often to Reward

For some people, issuing a reward for a review can be intimidating. This is because a customer could go and review all of the products in your store to rack up as many points as possible. Luckily, this is mitigated with the Yotpo app. Points can only be issued to people who are recognized as verified buyers.  In other words, they’ve been recognized as actually having made a purchase in the past.This means that a customer is only accumulating the points as they are spending more and more at your store.

As an added precaution, we have added a way to limit the amount of times that a review can be rewarded. For example, you can decide to only reward customers for leaving a review once per month. While this does not stop the customer from reviewing, it does keep them from earning points if they have already left as many reviews as you have allowed.For the most part, only rewarding verified buyers is security enough!

Just the Beginning

The Yotpo app is just one app in a growing list of apps offered by As time goes on, we will be improving this app as well as growing the list of apps offered.

If you have a recommendation on how to improve this app or have an app you would like to see added, please fill in our app recommendation form.