Sometimes the only difference between a one-time shopper and a repeat customer is a well-timed message. While it’s nothing new, email marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to keep in touch with your customers and remind them of how much they love your brand. These reminders can do wonders for your retention strategy and, as a result, your success.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Remarkety to combine the power of email marketing and reward programs to help you build engaging email campaigns your customers can’t wait to open.

How it works

Getting started with Remarkety and Smile is extremely easy. All it takes is a couple of clicks and the desire to improve your retention marketing strategy!

Connect your Remarkety account

Mockup of Smile App store

You can easily connect your Remarkety and Smile accounts in the apps section of your Smile Admin. Simply click the “install” button and authorize Remarkety to start the syncing process. In a matter of seconds, your accounts will be synced and you’ll be off to the races!

Start sending rewards marketing emails with Remarkety

Once you’ve joined your Remarkety and Smile accounts, you’re ready to start supercharging your marketing strategy! The Remarkety Smile App has a number of data fields you can use to customize emails to your customers.

These properties include:

  • Smile Points Balance ( {$} )
  • Smile Referral URL ( {$} )
  • Smile VIP Tier Name ( {$} )
  • Smile VIP Tier Icon ( {$} )

With these properties at your disposal, you’re able to build completely personalized reward emails that keep your customers engaged with both your brand and your program!

How to use

One of the best ways to increase your program’s participation rates is ongoing communication. Customers are much more likely to get excited about your rewards experience when they remember it exists and what they can earn by participating.

Remarkety’s automation power allows you to accomplish these goals by seamlessly combining your rewards data with a reliable email marketing tool.

Segment customer lists

Customer lists are a fantastic way to make sure you’re targeting the right customers with the right information. By using your Smile data to build these lists, you can set up custom segment email campaigns that allow you to communicate different rewards messages to specific customer groups.

With Remarkety, you can set up unique segments based on three pieces of Smile data:

  • Customer’s VIP tier
  • Customer’s total reward points
  • Customer's rewards program membership status
Mockup of VIP email list

You can use this data any way you want to build targeted lists and messages. For example, you could build a segment that only includes customers who are 100 points away from reaching your top VIP tier and encourage them to leave a product review to cross that next threshold, or send a message to your top VIP members with information about a special offer.

These tailored lists set you up to send super targeted emails that will motivate your customers to take action with your rewards program. The next step? Building the highly personalized emails that will get them to engage and stay engaged.

Send personalized emails

Simply grouping your customers into lists is a good start, but the actual emails you send is what will really propel your customer experience into overdrive. The Remarketing Smile App allows you to include a number of personalized program values into any message you send, including a member’s current points balance, which VIP tier they’re in, and their individual referral URL. You can also add the customer’s VIP tier icon if you want!

Mockup of customer profile

These little details go a long way towards building emotional relationships with each of your members. By taking the time to customize every message they receive, you demonstrate a commitment to their personal experience with your brand and foster a sense of connection that will prompt them to stay engage with your brand.

Pro tips

Looking for ideas on how to take full advantage of the Remarkety Smile App? Here are a few ways that awesome businesses like yours are putting this App to work for their business.

Keep customers engaged with points balance updates

Points balance reminders are some of the most effective rewards program emails because they remind customers of why they joined in the first place. Sending them a short message that clearly shows them how many points they’ve earned and what those points can be redeemed for keep your program’s value upfront and reminds customers of why they joined your program in the first place.

You can even go one step further and outline some ways that they can earn even more points! Combining these two pieces of information will jumpstart your members’ excitement to get earning and, more importantly, spending!

Make customers feel special with VIP offers

Creating segments for each of your VIP tiers makes it easy for you to remind them of their elite position with your rewards program. Take advantage of these customer lists by sending invites to special events or reminders of the perks associated with each tier to motivate them to re-engage with your brand.

Mockup of VIP email sent with Smile and Remarkety

This type of attention reaffirms their status within your program and makes each customer feel special every time they see a message from your store in their inbox.

Encourage referrals with regular reminders

Your referral program is your secret weapon when it comes to acquiring new customers, so make sure customers are taking advantage of it!  Send regular messages that let customers know their unique referral URL and how to use it in order to motivate more customers to refer their friends and family to your store.

Even though these messages aren’t complicated, they pack a powerful punch that can recharge your referral strategy.  Mobilize your loyal customers to become your best marketers -- you won’t regret it!

Suggest the next Smile App

We’re excited to add Remarkety to our growing list of Smile Apps, and are looking forward to expanding our growing list of exciting reward apps!

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