Are you selling subscription products on Shopify? Have you been looking to increase your customer retention with rewards? Look no further than the and Recharge. This app allows shoppers to earn points on subscriptions as well as earn rewards to be used on recurring orders.

How It Works

The Recharge app is easy to setup and manage. Just a few quick steps and you will have your rewards program and subscription billing linked.

Instantly Ready to Begin Rewarding Points for Subscription Orders

As soon as your Recharge account is synced to, your points for orders rule will immediately apply to orders placed through Recharge. This means that your customers will earn points regardless of the type of order.

Set-Up Recharge Specific Rewards

After you have installed the Recharge app, you can begin to offer rewards that apply to the subscription of a product. You will see a dollar and percentage off coupon code added as a reward type to include in your rewards program.

How to Use

Set Up a Recharge Coupon to Be Purchased with Points

Setting up a Recharge coupon code that can be purchased with points is easy! Just navigate to the spending section of your points program, click add points reward, and select one of the two Recharge options.

Once the Recharge reward type is selected, simply input the amount of points that will be required to access this reward and you’re done!

Make Recharge Coupons the Reward for Referrals

You can set a Recharge code to be the reward for both the sender and the receiver of your referral program. Just select the reward type from the list and add it as the referral sender or referral receiver reward.

Include Recharge Coupons in Your VIP Tiers

The last way you can use use your Recharge codes is to include them as an entry reward in your VIP program. An entry reward is a reward that is given to your customer the first time they enter a new VIP tier.

We only recommend adding entry rewards to tiers higher than your program’s lowest level.

Pro Tips

Match Recharge Rewards to Other Rewards You Offer

An easy to understand program is also an effective one. Offering too many types of rewards creates customer confusion that lessens their desire to participate.

If you are offering other types of rewards as part of your program, match your Recharge codes to the types of rewards you are already giving. If your other rewards are percentage-based, make sure your ReCharge rewards percentage-based, too.

Recharge coupon codes can be used to discount both a new subscription and an existing one. The difference is in where the customer applies the code.

New subscriptions can be discounted by using the code in the cart when they checkout, while existing subscriptions are discounted in the customer account. To provide the most flexibility in your program, we recommend stating this distinction on each Recharge reward.

You can do this by adding it to the details section of the reward, which will show up as a note in the Smile UI. You can also add it to the instructions field, which will provide additional details in emails that are sent through

This is Just the Beginning

This Recharge app is only one of a growing list of apps we are building to make rewarding your customers simple and effective. As always, this app will be updated over time with the feedback you provide.

If you would like to provide feedback on this app or let us know what we should build next, please reach out using our suggest next app form!