A full rewards marketing stack is now easier to build than ever with the introduction of our Mailchimp app! This app allows you to send rewards info from Smile.io to your customer lists in Mailchimp.

How It Works

The Smile.io Mailchimp integration is easy to setup and manage. In just a few steps, you are ready to start sending reward emails through Mailchimp.

Connect Your Mailchimp Account

Navigate to the apps section of your Smile.io account to easily sync your Mailchimp account. If you are not on the appropriate plan, a rewards specialist can help you out.

Choose a Mailchimp List to Sync To

Once your Mailchimp account is synced to Smile.io, just choose a list in Mailchimp that you would like to sync reward data to. This will populate any member of that list with reward program information if they match an account in Smile.io.

Start Sending Reward Marketing Emails Through Mailchimp

You are now ready to start sending reward emails through Mailchimp! The Smile.io Mailchimp integration has added a few merge tags to Mailchimp that you can use when sending emails.

Merge Tags Added:

  • Smile Point Balance: "SM_POINTS"
  • Smile VIP Tier Name: "SM_TIER"
  • Smile Referral URL: “SM_REF_URL”

Simply include these tags in your emails to show personal rewards information to each customer.

How to Use

A rewards program is not a set it and forget it marketing tool. Like any good initiative, you need to promote it. Here are some amazing ways to use the Smile.io Mailchimp integration to boost your reward marketing efforts.

Segment Lists

Use imported reward program values such as point balances and VIP tiers to segment your customers and send different email communication to different groups of reward program members.


  • Members with over 500 points who can afford a reward
  • Anyone with a referral link to kickstart a referral campaign
  • Members in your highest tier

Once you use reward information to segment your lists, you can send personalized emails to your customers.

Send Personalized Emails

Once you have your list segmented, you can send emails to your members with variables that will use the customer's personalized values. These reward values can be things like current point balance, referral URLs, and which VIP tier they’re in.

Increase your program’s engagement, member satisfaction, and effectiveness with simple and easy to send emails through Mailchimp.

Pro Tips

The Smile.io Mailchimp app is extremely powerful and easy to use. Here are just a few ways that businesses like yours are using the integration.

Send Unique/Limited Reward Emails

Everyone loves to feel special. In fact, that is one of the guiding principles behind a rewards program. Use the Mailchimp app to offer rewards different from your standard offering for a limited time.

For example, you could offer your rewards members a 50% off coupon for 5,000 points. Obviously this is a big reward, so you would only make it available for a long weekend or similarly short timeframe.

Segment your list of members who have 5,000 points or more and notify them about the special weekend promotion. In your email, refer to them as your most valued members and let them know that a special reward type is waiting for them.

Send Special Updates to VIP Members

Segment your list to only show members of your VIP program that are in the highest tier. Make these members feel extra special by giving them first access to things like sales, products, and events.

Simply email this list with a link to a product that is not publically accessible yet, or a sale code a few days before you make it public.

People have a hard time keeping a secret :) so it ends up being both a feel good moment for these VIPs but also a great initial launch for your product or sale.

Send Referral Reminders

Send out monthly reminders to your members that includes their referral URL. This is a great way to increase the amount of touch points in your program and boost your referral program’s effectiveness.

Simply include a nice personalized message, the referral link, and what they will gain when they refer a friend. Simple and effective.

This is Just the Beginning

Our Mailchimp app is just one of a growing list of apps that help make your rewards program more powerful. As we gather feedback from you, we will continue to improve our Mailchimp app as well as add other complementary apps.

If you have an idea for our next app, we would love to hear about it! Simply fill out our next app recommendation form.