Social proof is the best way to encourage trust in your brand, and the most effective way to get your customers to provide that social proof is with product reviews! Reviews give potential customers an unbiased opinion of your products, making your current customers powerful resources to encourage new sales.

However, if you want customers to review your products you need to give them a reason to. Offering rewards for completing reviews is the best way to do this, and our newest Smile App Conversio makes the process easy!

What can I do with Conversio?

Conversio is a powerful all-in-one tool for creating rewarding experiences. Using your Smile rewards data, you’re given the ability to:

  • Build advanced customer segments on the basis of your customers’ points balance, loyalty status, and tier
  • Include points balances and reward tier data in automated emails and bulk emails
  • Reward points for completed product reviews

How it works

Once you have your Conversio account up and running on your store, you’re well on your way to building rewarding experiences for your customers!

Connect your Conversio account

conversio smile app store

The process for connecting your Conversio and Smile accounts couldn’t be easier. Simply go to the apps section of your Smile Admin, select the Conversio app, and click the “Install” button. After that, your Conversio app will be good to go!

Start rewarding points for Conversio reviews

Once your Conversio and Smile accounts are connected, you can start giving rewards to the customers leaving valuable product reviews! These rewards can be earned by leaving reviews on your site or through any Conversio’s post-purchase emails.

How to use Conversio

After you’ve connected your Conversio and Smile accounts, the last thing that you need to do is create an earning rule in the points section of your Smile program.

Set how many points a review is worth

The first thing you need to take into consideration when rewarding your customers is how much each review is worth. As a rule of thumb, we recommend rewarding no more than the equivalent of one dollar per review.

conversio smile review points

In general, the amount of points you choose to reward should also reflect how much money you’d be willing to pay in order to get an additional review.

Set how often a member can be rewarded

You can keep each of your store’s reviews authentic and impactful by limiting the amount of reviews a customer can make within a certain time period. By controlling the amount of reviews coming from a single customer, you eliminate the issue of customers leaving multiple reviews solely to earn points.

With this condition in place, both you and your customers are getting the most from your reviews and your rewards program!

Segment your customers with rewards information

Supercharge your email strategy using customer segments to send relevant and impactful material to your program members. Conversio gives you the ability to segment your customers on the basis of points balance, loyalty status, and reward tier.

By sending relevant material, you’re able to bring value to your customers more effectively. Conversio gives you the ability to run events like VIP sales, or simply only send customers information on rewards that they can afford.

You can take this personalization even one step further! Conversio allows you to add personalized rewards data into mass emails. Now you can send communications that include your customers current points balance and VIP tier, motivating them to keep earning points to get bigger and better rewards!

Suggest the next Smile app

We’re excited to add Conversio to our growing list of Smile Apps, and are looking forward to expanding our growing list of exciting reward apps!

If you have a suggestion on how to improve this app or want to see another app added, please fill out our app suggestion form.