One of the most effective ways to increase the value that you and your customers see from a rewards program is to run an email marketing campaign. With our new Bronto Smile app, you can send rewards information to your customers right from Bronto.

How it works

With the Smile Bronto app, it’s extremely easy to email your rewards program members. In a few simple steps, you can get everything set up and ready to go!

Connect Your Bronto Account

The first step to setting up the Smile Bronto app is connecting your Bronto account with your API key.  You can do this in the Apps section of your Smile Admin. Simply click the button, copy your API key, and paste it into the appropriate box.

Bronto API Access

If the Smile Bronto app isn’t available on your plan, no problem! You can reach out to our Rewards Specialists and they’ll be more than happy to help you get on the appropriate plan.

Sync Your Data

Once you’ve connected your accounts, we’ll take it from there and sync all of your customers from to Bronto. If an account doesn’t match an email that’s already in Bronto, we will not create a new account for them.

Send Your Rewards Marketing Emails Through Bronto

Now that you have your customer accounts synced, you can start sending out amazing reward emails.

In Bronto, you will see that some custom properties have been added to customers that merged from These custom properties include:

  • Smile Points Balance
  • Smile Referral URL
  • Smile VIP Tier ID
  • Smile VIP Tier Name

You can use these properties to create segments of customers and send personalized emails.

How to Use the Bronto App

Your rewards program will perform best when you create communication around it. Make sure members know their points balance and are aware of the rewards they could be receiving. All of this can be done through email communication from your new Smile enhanced Bronto emails.

Segment Customers

With your new contact properties, you are able to create segments of customers that satisfy certain rewards program requirements.

Segment Email Lists

For example, using Bronto’s built-in tools you can create a segment of customers that are in your VIP program’s top tier. Do this by adding a new rule to a segment, selecting the contacts category, and adding each field’s criteria, including the name of your VIP program’s top tier.

Using these program properties will allow you to send tailored emails to specific segments of your customer base. This will increase your open rate, engagement rates, and even your conversion rate!

Send Personalized Emails

On top of being able to segment your customers, you can also embed highly personalized information into each email. By inserting field tags, you can personalize each message with the customer’s points balance, referral url, and their current VIP tier.

Pro Tips

There are plenty of ways you can use this integration to your advantage, but here are a few especially important ways.

Email Your Highest Tier with Special Offers

The best way to create a rewarding experience is to give your best customers the VIP treatment. These shoppers spend the most with you and deserve some perks and benefits not available to everyone else.

Bonus Event Emails

Once you have made a segment of your highest tiered customers, send them an exclusive offer or invite them to a special event. That event can be as simple as free shipping this weekend for your top tier members only.

When you treat your VIPs like important people (as the name implies) they are more likely to spend more, shop more, and tell their friends about your store.

Send Referral Reminders

Your referral program is a great way to harness the enthusiasm of your most loyal customers and spread that excitement to a whole new demographic. That being said, even your biggest fans need to be reminded to talk about you sometimes.

Referral Program Email

Create a segment of customers that have a referral URL and send them a reminder of the rewards that they will receive for referring a friend. Doing this will keep your brand top of mind so that when your customer’s friend needs a recommendation, you’ll be the first brand they think of!

A Total Rewards Experience

These are just a few ways to create a fully integrated rewards experience. We are certain that you will be able to find even more ways to improve your email marketing with rewards!

Our Bronto app is one of a growing list of Smile Apps, and we are always adding more and improving. If you have an app request that is not currently in our library, please reach out and tell us.

Go make your customers smile :)