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5 Places You Need to Be Promoting a Loyalty Program


A loyalty program is effective only if your customers and future shoppers are aware of it. You need to promote a loyalty program across your site to increase visibility and enrolment. Your program can be used as a marketing tool in addition to an effective retention tool, if you know where to promote it.

There are a few key goals when promoting a loyalty program. You want to inform new shoppers that you have a loyalty program, show future members how they can earn and spend points, and showcase what shoppers will be missing if they don’t shop with you.

Here at we have helped launch thousands of programs and have put together a list of 5 places you need to be promoting a loyalty program.promoting a loyalty program 5 places

Promoting your program properly can have a significant impact.
You will receive higher customer enrolment and engagement in your program if you promote it well.


On Your Homepage

The highest exposure area on your site is obviously the homepage. This is the best spot to be promoting a loyalty program. Letting shoppers know of your program the instant they enter your site is very beneficial.

This gives them an immediate reason to choose you over another competitor, or even Amazon. If they can earn points for future purchases with you and can’t with your competitor, you have given them a strong reason to choose you instead of them.

A great way to promote on your homepage is to include a clear call to action in your homepage navigation bar. Inkbox has seen phenomenal success promoting their loyalty program on their homepage and has included a “Join the Tribe” link right at the top of the page.promoting a loyalty program inkbox homepage

Inkbox will be the first to tell you that you need to let customers know of your program on the homepage. In fact, they have over $100K in loyalty revenue in just one month to prove it!  The Inkbox team discovered early on that promoting a loyalty program on the homepage immediately differentiates your site and sets your program up for success.promoting a loyalty program homepage

When you let potential customers see you have a loyalty program on the homepage it becomes a marketing tool above and beyond its powers as a retention tool. Let your program do double duty by showcasing it before the fold.


Over Social Media

One of the best ways to increase your program’s exposure is to leverage social media. You can promote your loyalty program over social media in two ways.

You can use the program to encourage customers to share products over social media. This can be set up as a feature of your program that also has marketing value; a customer earns points for simply sharing through their social channels.

Kuru Footwear does a great job rewarding customers for engaging in social sharing activities. They award 25 points when a customer shares a product on Facebook.promoting a loyalty program kuru share

The second way to promote over social media is to get customers to share that they have joined the program. This increases the exposure of your loyalty program and not just the products you sell. This feature can be worked into a loyalty program to increase both exposure and customer engagement.promoting a loyalty program social shares

When you use social media you are letting your customers promote your loyalty program for you. You just need to provide the incentive (points) to get them to do so. Every customer who shares over social media is exposing your program to their entire social network. Nothing like letting others promote for you!


A Dedicated Explainer Page

It is not enough to just show the existence of your program. Customers want to know how your program works. They will want to know things like: how many points do I earn per dollar spent, how much are my points worth, how can I earn points. All of these are best answered by including a loyalty explainer page on your site.

A loyalty explainer page is a visual representation of all the ways a customer can interact with your program. This is vital when promoting a loyalty program because it tells a potential customer the exact benefits they will receive.promoting a loyalty program strivectin earn

This example explainer page from Strivectin shows potential members all the ways they can earn points in a visually appealing way. The page also has a link to more information about redeeming points. You can also see a list of our favorite loyalty explainer pages for some inspiration.promoting a loyalty program explainer page

An explainer page is needed to quickly showcase your amazing program. Your customer doesn’t have time to read through pages of text to figure out how your loyalty program works. Make it easy by promoting the benefits in a visual breakdown. Your customer wants to know the details of your program before committing to your program and store.


In the Product Descriptions

Promoting a loyalty program in your product descriptions is a very effective way to increase your program’s exposure. Many of our clients are beginning to showcase the points you can earn on each product within the product description.

This talks to a customer on a much more tailored level. They are being shown the points they would earn on a product they are interested in. This is very effective at both promoting the loyalty program and encouraging program registration.promoting a loyalty program PK product description

Philip Kingsley shows the amount of points that you will earn for each individual product. This tailored approach more effectively promotes the program and is great at getting customers to enroll in the program. Philip Kingsley has seen a 36% increase in online orders and a 10% boost in checkout conversion using this and other loyalty tactics.promoting a loyalty program product descriptions

Showing the points a customer can earn purchasing a product tailors the promotion to the individual. It pairs the reward they will receive with the item that has sparked their interest. By putting loyalty reminders in the description we have created a better link between their desire and your loyalty program.


In the Checkout Process

The final place you need to be promoting a loyalty program is during the checkout process. The purpose of promoting on this page is to catch anyone who has gotten through to purchase without becoming aware of the program.

An effective way to promote on the checkout page is to show customers what they will miss if they don’t register for the program. The Tri Shop does a fantastic job promoting at checkout.promoting a loyalty program asos checkout

They state that by not registering for a customer account, the customer will be missing out on earning points. We have seen this type of loyalty promotion be successful in the past. The Tri Shop was able to increase registration by 35% using this checkout page tactic.  promoting a loyalty program checkout

Promoting a loyalty program on the checkout page is a very effective way to encourage program signups and non-guest checkouts. Catching a shopper here also provides you with the opportunity to re-market later.


Other Places You Can Promote

The five methods above are techniques that we have seen work extremely well over the years, but they are not the only places to promote your program. Here are some additional places you may want to promote your program:

In-store: If you have a physical retail location you can promote a loyalty program through both your physical and online channels.

In your emails: You can also promote your loyalty program through email marketing, both in promotional and transactional emails. In your promotional emails, show a points-only product or show how many bonus points could be earned on a specific product. In your transactional emails, show how many points they earned or missed out on.

Include info in packed orders: When a customer makes a purchase, try packing a loyalty reminder with their products. If they signed up thank them for doing so. If they did not sign up show them a friendly reminder of what their points could get them.

Blog posts: If you have a company blog it is an amazing way to promote your program. You can publish a post about the average number of points a customer has on your site. This will encourage those who have less to keep earning.

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