Personalization is the key to creating valuable interactions with your brand community.  With the new Privy Smile app, you can use Smile attributes to customize every email and on-site engagement you build so that your customers feel that personal touch everytime they interact with you!

How it works

Creating personalized experiences is super easy with Privy and Smile. All it takes is a few quick clicks and you’ll be well on your way to powering up your customer experience with the combined benefits of Smile and Privy.

Connect your Privy account

App Release Privy - Privy icon in Smile App Store

You can easily sync your Privy and Smile accounts in the Apps section of your Smile Admin. Simply select Privy, click “Authorize,” and let Smile do the rest!

New Smile App Privy - Graphic to sync smile and privy accounts

This two step process is all it takes to be able to start customizing your customer touch points with Smile rewards data!

Send personalized emails with Privy

Taking the time to personalize email interactions ensures your customers look forward to every connection they make with your brand.

You can start creating relevant customer connections by inserting personalized rewards attributes into each of your emails within Privy.

new Smile app Privy - Screenshot smile attributes to personalize privy emails

You can include any of the following Smile properties:

  • Smile Points Balance (smileio_points_balance)
  • Smile Referral URL (smileio_referral_balance)
  • Smile VIP Tier (smileio_vip_tier)
  • Smile last update (smileio_updated_at)

By selecting any of these characteristics from the Personalize drop-down menu in the Privy editor, you can begin creating intentional customer email experiences that will solidify the emotional connection between your rewards program and the rest of your web experience.

Create personalized onsite displays

Engaging with program members through on-site displays is a great way to interact with them and create a unique customer experience. One of Privy’s best features is its ability to use Smile attributes to show targeted displays to specific customers.

New Smeil app Privy  - VIP notification banner gold member free shipping

Using their intuitive drag-and-drop designer, you can create website banners, flyout displays, landing pages, and more that only are shown to program members that fit your specified criteria.

Whether you’re reminding your VIPs about one of their exclusive perks or inviting new customers to explore your program, you can highlight the value of joining your community with each of these intentional messages.

Build segmented customer lists

You can also use Privy and Smile to segment your customers into different email lists. Using the same rewards characteristics, you can build customized emails that target different customer groups based on their rewards data.

Privy Smile App - VIP List Gold tier

This type of personalized email experience is a great way to encourage customers to stay engaged with your brand community. For instance, you could build a list of customers above a certain points threshold and run a campaign inviting them to redeem those points for a new reward, or email only a specific VIP tier about an upcoming bonus points event.

Customized and relevant interactions are crucial to building emotional connections with your customers. When they know you care enough to make things personal, they’ll know they are a valued member of your brand community.

If you have any questions about the integration, check out Privy’s Help Documents, or contact

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