Did you know that 90% of customers actually like to receive personalized communication from the brands that they shop with? The trick is actually delivering the personalized value they’re looking for.

This is where your email marketing strategy comes in handy. Syncing rewards program data like points balances, referral links, and VIP tiers with your existing campaigns can be a powerful way to personalize emails, helping you deliver the right message to the right customers when they’re most likely to take action.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce the latest Smile App from Omnisend! With this powerful new integration, combining the power of your rewards program data with your email marketing strategy has never been simpler.

How it works

Getting started with Smile and Omnisend is really easy. In just a few clicks you’ll be on your way to building tailored campaigns for your rewards program members.

Install the Omnisend App in Smile Admin


Head over to the Smile App store and select Omnisend from our App Listing. All you need to do from here is click “Install” and then authorize Omnisend to start syncing your rewards program data.

Once you’ve synced your accounts, you’ll be able to set up these rewards program properties in your Omnisend account:

  • Points balance
  • Referral URLs
  • Customer birthdays
  • Customer status (member, candidate, disabled)
  • Customer VIP tiers

Tips to make the most of this integration

Using Omnisend and Smile together makes it easier to build segmented lists and send personalized emails and messages to your rewards program members.

Build segmented lists using rewards data

Once your rewards program data has been connected to your Omnisend account, the best place to get started is customer lists. Segmenting your customer lists out using rewards program data makes it easier for you to ensure you send them emails that they’ll find valuable. A great way to add value is by segmenting your Omnisend lists by VIP tier, program status, and points balance.

Omnisend Smile App VIP List

These personalized bits of information show your members that you care about involvement in your program and create compelling reasons for them to stay engaged over time. For example, you might want to offer your top customers an exclusive VIP perk like early access to a new product or an invitation to a members-only event. This type of reminder will make them more likely to make another purchase in order to keep their valuable tier status.

Tailoring the content that each segment receives will make your rewards program messages feel more exclusive and personalized. When customers feel like you’ve taken the time to customize the offer they’re seeing, they’ll be more likely to join, engage with, and share your community with their friends and family.

Send personalized rewards program messages

Defining who you’d like to send your rewards program messages to and why is a great start, but tailoring the message they’ll receive is what will give them a compelling reason to engage with your program.

Adding rewards program data like points is a simple way to personalize your rewards messages . When your program members feel like the offer you’ve sent is just for them they’ll be more likely to take action. With the Omnisend app you can tailor your messages to include:

  • Personalized referral link
  • VIP tier status
  • Current points balance
Omnisend Smile App Customer Tags

These personalized reward details make it easier for customers to see tangible value they could gain from your rewards program. For example, sharing a personalized referral link with customers that recently completed a purchase or left a positive review makes it easy for them to share your community with others when they’re most likely to: right after having an incredible experience. Making it easier for them to share your community with others will in turn increase the number of new shoppers that visit your store.

Another easy way for show members tangible value is to remind them when they are this close to unlocking your top VIP tier. Letting them know their progress towards a new tier and the simple actions they can take to unlock all of the perks associated with this tier is often all it takes for them to make a purchase.

Taking the time to tailor the content that your program members receive gives them more incentive to engage with your program. When they associate this value with the reward messages  you send them, they’ll be more likely to open them and take the action you’ve encouraged them to!

Encourage one-time shoppers to return

This way of thinking applies to new members, too! Finding ways to build value early on with one-time shoppers will increase the chances that they engage with your program.

Customers that have not yet joined your rewards program may not know about all of the benefits they could earn as part of your community. Sending them an email that highlights the exclusive perks and rewards they’re missing out on could move them one step closer to joining your community.

When you make it easy for new customers to discover your program, they’ll be more likely to join. Sending a simple message that keeps the value of your program top of mind will go a long way in adding new members!

Check out some of the reward messages you can send with the Omnisend app in their Help Documentation.

Ready to get started with Omnisend and Smile?

Install the Omnisend Smile App now and start using reward messaging to drive program engagement.

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