When it comes to spending and having economic buying power, Latinos are rapidly becoming a key component in growing brands and increasing customer loyalty. It’s estimated that the buying power of Latinos grew by 87% from 2010 to 2020, to more than $1.9 trillion. While the number of Latino-owned businesses has grown to 34% in the last 10 years alone, compared with a 1% growth for all other small businesses. Simply, Latino-owned businesses and consumers are making an impact on the economy.

We are putting a spotlight on Latino and Latina-owned businesses across the world to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. An annual celebration between September 15 through October 15 to recognize the contributions and influence of Latinos and Hispanics in history and culture. In addition to celebrations, the anniversary of independence for Latin American countries such as Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, and others, fall during this month.

If you’re wondering about the difference between Hispanic and Latino, it is interchangeable and up to each individual’s preference on how they identify themselves. Hispanic refers to individuals who speak Spanish or come from Spanish-speaking countries, while Latino describes individuals who have an ethnic background from a country in Latin America.

Blank Tag Co.

A trip to Tokyo, Japan sparked an idea for Blank Tag Co. founders Remi Silva and Alondra Carbajal to start a sticker shop. “During one of our walking tours, we noticed a really popular stationery store and decided to check it out,” says Remi. “We walked through the entire store and eventually stumbled upon a shelf full of stickers made by B-Side Label. As we browsed through the collection, we wondered why there wasn’t something similar to B-Side Label in the United States.”

15 latino and latina-owned businesses to support during hispanic heritage month blog photo of blank tag co. founders
Blank Tag Co. founders Remi Silva and Alondra Carbajal 

“We believe stickers are more than just a piece of paper. They are an expression of who we are, the things we love, and a way to capture memories. Diversity and representation are our core values, and our goal is for every customer to feel a sense of belonging and pride with each purchase,” says Remi.

It wasn’t until Blank Tag customers were asking for a way to earn points that Remi implemented a loyalty program that would satisfy and build a long-term relationship with customers. “We're extremely customer focused and have always tried to think of ways to delight our customers,” says Remi. “After interviewing a few customers, we realized that customers were looking for a way to collect points on their orders and also get incentives for referring us to their friends.

"When knew our loyalty program was successful when our repeat purchase rate jumped to over 25%, customers were emailing us about their points, and seeing customers redeem their points for more stickers,” says Remi. Their collection of stickers includes everything from nature to animals, food, culture references and so much more.

15 latino and latina-owned businesses to support during hispanic heritage month blog photo of blank tag co. stickers and logo
Blank Tag Co. offers a loyalty program that builds community and offers rewards.

Panama Coffee Club

Panama Coffee Club has one goal and one goal only…to share their passion for the best coffee in the world! Owned and operated in Panama City, Panama, the coffee brand is showcasing its love of Panama through coffee and offers tours of coffee farms. Showing how coffee beans are cultivated and roasted.

15 latino and latina-owned businesses to support during hispanic heritage month blog photo of Panama Coffee Club's homepage
Panama Coffee Club Homepage


Creating a fun and safe space where children can be children is what Bamobam is aiming to do through its toy stores and ecommerce shop in Costa Rica. Founded by Jimena Ramírez, a lawyer turned entrepreneur, Jimena wanted toys and books for her children that were diverse, inclusive, and multicultural. When Jimena couldn’t find anything in Costa Rica, she set out to create her own brand of toys and books for children all throughout Costa Rica. With three locations, each space is a fun, creative, and colorful place where children can come and play with the actual toys and read books.

YaBoy Chamoy

You may have seen those popular red beer drinks that are covered in a red sauce at a Mexican restaurant or on your travels. That red Mexican sauce is called Chamoy, and it’s typically sweet, a little sour, and spiced with chilis - a staple among Mexican snacks. YaBoy Chamoy is a Los Angeles-based brand that has a variety of candy covered in this sauce (Chamoy).

“We start the process by making our special homemade chamoy sauce using a recipe passed down by my grandmother and customize the flavors to our liking,” describes its website. “We drizzle the sauce over the sweets and mix it up until every morsel is evenly coated. Afterward, we let them sit and hang out until all the flavors meld together.”

15 latino and latina-owned businesses to support during hispanic heritage month blog photo of yaboy chamoy website homepage
YaBoy Chamoy Homepage

With over 1.3 million TikTok followers and over 20 million likes, YaBoy Chamoy has quickly become a viral snack, customers can’t get enough of. Chamoy Rewards are also part of their retention strategy customers can earn and redeem rewards for discounts on their next purchase.

Hollerworld Sunglasses

Fresh and made by Latinos for Latinos, Hollerworld Sunglasses is a Guatemalan brand offering high-quality sunglasses at an affordable price for its Latin American customers. Hollerworld Sunglasses also gives back proceeds from every purchase to the organization Por Ciegos y Sordos de Guatemala, for those that are visually impaired and deaf.

15 latino and latina-owned businesses to support during hispanic heritage month screenshot of hollerworld sunglasses instagram
Hollerworld Sunglasses Instagram Page


Unique, comfortable, and necessary are the adjectives used to describe Domenica, a Colombian clothing brand that is growing to be a nationally recognized brand. What started in 2017 by María Carolina Gutiérrez and María Paula Ramón, Domenica has grown to be a women-led, 100% Colombian brand.

“With our dedication and effort to create a comfortable clothing brand that is fashionable, full of details, and always linked to sustainability, we are going to create a strong community that always looks forward,” states Domenica.

15 latino and latina-owned businesses to support during hispanic heritage month screenshot of domenica instagram page
Domenica Instagram Page


First-generation Latinos born in a different country from their parents, often find themselves under the stigma of “not being Latino enough.” A battle many first-generation immigrants share in common. Carolina Acosta is on a mission to bring together people to celebrate and embrace their Latino culture. All while having fun through Tragos, a card game that Carolina created. Carolina was inspired by her Colombian and Dominican culture and created something every first-generation Latino can relate to.

15 latino and latina-owned businesses to support during hispanic heritage month blog photo of tragos homepage
Tragos Homepage 

Hause of Curls

Hause of Curls is the proclaimed “curly hair empowerment brand” that celebrates Latina culture, hair, and curls through its apparel and accessories. The Latina-owned brand was founded by Dominican American stylist Sherly Tavarez. Sherly grew up hearing criticism over her hair. Hearing how straight hair was the only way hair can be beautiful. According to its website, “she spent years using heat and chemicals trying to straighten her hair but eventually decided to embrace her natural curls.” With the confidence and embracement of her natural hair, Sherly created her own apparel brand and turned criticism into a full-fledged business.

15 latino and latina-owned businesses to support during hispanic heritage month screenshot of hause of curls homepage
Hause of Curls Homepage

Martha of Miami

The Cuban atmosphere is alive and vibrant in Miami. Martha of Miami is the perfect brand that celebrates the Latino and Cuban cultures. Founded by Cuban American, Martha Valdes, in the shop you will find mugs, pins, jewelry, hats, and their famous “Cuban Bred” t-shirt. Along with other Latino sayings, “but first, cafecito,” and “ponte las pilas.” One great way Martha of Miami encourages UGC and reviews is through its loyalty program, where customers can earn points by submitting photos wearing their purchases.

Garcia Nevett

Garcia Nevett Chocolatier de Miami is a chocolate boutique that sisters Susana and Isabel Garcia Nevett created to celebrate their Venezuelan roots. Located in Miami, Garcia Nevett offers chocolate, cookies, and desserts, all crafted by hand using European techniques and 100% fine Venezuelan and Latin American cacao.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Susana and Isabel's interest in cooking and the culinary scene brought them together to form Garcia Nevett and become master chocolatiers. Susana studied at Le Cordon Bleu culinary academy in Paris, France, and has a background in architecture, which has helped craft modern concepts for her chocolate. While Isabel’s journalist background has helped craft Garcia Nevett’s story and brand.

15 latino and latina-owned businesses to support during hispanic heritage month screenshot of garcia nevett homepage
Garcia Nevett Homepage

Chaló Chaló

What do you think of when you hear the mention of Colombia? Colombia often gets portrayed in a negative light in culture and the media, with large stereotypes surrounding drugs, gangs, and crime. A vacation to India sparked an idea for Juan Ramírez and Laura Romero to start their Colombian souvenir shop, Chaló Chaló, which celebrates all the beauty Colombia offers. “With each bad comment that we normally hear abroad, we fell more in love with the good things about Colombia,” states Chaló Chalo’s website. “So when we got back home, we decided to create Chaló Chaló. And thus show Colombians and the world the beauty of our country.”

From notebooks to pins, to books, to phone cases, and every fun accessory you can think of, Chaló Chaló is creating a brand that celebrates Colombian culture. With two brick-and-mortar locations and their ecommerce site, Chaló Chaló is hoping to change the way the world views Colombia.

15 latino and latina-owned businesses to support during hispanic heritage month screenshot of chalo chalo website page
Chaló Chaló Homepage 

Oh Comadre Candles

Oh Comadre Candles was started by Marcella Gomez. She started making candles as a form of therapy and a way to destress from being a nurse. “I would come home and make candles to forget about what I had seen,” says Marcella. “Health care is a serious business that can burn you out and I definitely didn't want to burn out. I also noticed there were no Latino candle aromas out there. So I played with ideas and never thought these crazy ideas would lead to a business.”

15 latino and latina-owned businesses to support during hispanic heritage month screenshot of oh comadre candles shop page
Oh Comadre Candles shop page 

Each candle is hand poured and adorned with the best veggie soy wax and fragrance. Marcella’s focus on quality artisan candles is the result of crafting the perfect candle for 16 months. “I take being a Latina business owner, selling Latina-inspired candles as a big responsibility,” says Marcella. “I take it very seriously because I know these candles represent moms, aunts, grandmas, etc., they had to be the best candle I could make. I wanted a candle to represent my culture and celebrate life through a Latina's eyes in hopes to evoke emotion, comfort, and a lovely memory.”

Chica Beauty

Chica Beauty is a Latina-owned and operated beauty brand run by third generation Latinas and sisters, Mei-Lon and Toni Jimenez. Each of their products have a story to tell that is connected to their culture. Products such as their “MIJA Red Matte Liquid Lipstick” is inspired by their grandmother who taught them to live boldly.

15 latino and latina-owned businesses to support during hispanic heritage month screenshot of chica beauty instagram
Chica Beauty Instagram Page


Ecommerce hasn’t always been the friendliest for the planet, but FreeMet is aiming to change that by creating a sustainable brand that benefits both the health of families and the ocean. FreeMet is a Chilean, B corp that believes taking care of the planet starts at home. With household products such as laundry detergent, hand soap, shampoo and conditioners and so much more, every product is good for the environment.

Despite living in Santiago, Chile, and having friends in common, co-founders Andrea and Carolina did not meet until several years later. Carolina is a marine biologist and Andrea is a kinesiologist, together with a passion for the ocean and the planet - have created a brand that is clean. According to its website, “since we decided to make FreeMet products, we were 100% convinced that they had to be ecological, hypoallergenic, not tested on animals and free of aggressive chemicals.”


Eileen Espinoza has a vision for women to feel free, authentic, and happy. Through her underwear and apparel brand Freely, Eileen hopes women begin to wear what they want for themselves while feeling pretty and confident. Founded in Lima, Peru in 2017, Freely began with underwear and bras. Now it has expanded to accessories, apparel, and pajamas.

15 latino and latina-owned businesses to support during hispanic heritage month screenshot of freely homepage
Freely Homepage

Brands making an impact

What these businesses share in common with other Latino-owned businesses is the passion and pride they have in their culture. These brands are making a name for themselves. With the number of Latino-owned businesses growing, the increase in diversity among businesses, across all industries is a positive thing for consumers. Let’s celebrate these brands even after Hispanic Heritage Month.