Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2022 and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness on February 5, 2024.

February 14th is the day of love. Valentine’s Day is about spoiling the people you love, whether this is your romantic partner, best friends, family, or even yourself! And this timeless holiday isn’t slowing down anytime soon. According to a recent study, Valentine’s Day spending is set to reach a record-breaking $14.2 billion in the United States this year as consumers prioritize their spouses or significant others. 

No matter if you opt for the classics: candles, lingerie, and flowers, or if you want to go outside of the box (of chocolates) with a memorable weekend trip, this list of 14 small businesses has got you covered with a Valentine’s Day gift your love, will love. 

No grocery store flowers and discount chocolates on your way home from work this year. Find that special gift for that special someone with this Valentine’s Day gift guide we are totally head over heels for.

1. Bijou Candles

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide–A screenshot showing 6 candles on Bijou Candles’ website titled “Collections.” The 6 collections shown are 70s Icons, 90s Icons, Charmed, Coven, Dynamos!, and Golden Girls.
A screenshot from Bijou Candles’ candle collections.

Set the mood with your special someone this year with these affordable luxury candles. Or indulge in some self-care because who says you can’t be your own valentine? Bijou Candles offers pop culture candles that look good and smell even better. With different sizes of candles and various candle scents, you’ll be sure to light up your Valentine’s Day with this gift idea. These clean-burning soy candles can burn up to 140 hours, making it the gift that keeps on giving. Did we mention customers even say they’re guaranteed to give off magical vibes? True story. 

Whatever February 14th means to you–Valentine’s, Galentine’s, Palentine’s, or Self-Love-entine’s (alright, we’re still working on that one), Bijou Candles sparks that magic you’ve been waiting for.

2. Stitch x Skein

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas–A screenshot from Stitch x Skein’s homepage showing its product categories: cardigans, stickers, and patterns. 
Stitch x Skein sells a variety of crocheted products.

Not the mushy, gushy romantic type? Does going out to a 5-star restaurant sound exhausting rather than giving you total heart eyes? Don’t worry–skip the traditional uber-romantic gifts this year and stay in with your loved one to try a new hobby. 

Get creative this Valentine’s Day by learning to crochet. Cozy up with your partner or your pals with one of Stitch x Skein’s adorable crochet patterns. From cardigans to sun hats (for both you and your pup), you can explore different designs and pick the one you love the most. Or, if you want to be super thoughtful, pick this up before Valentine’s Day and surprise someone you love with a handmade gift. On the other hand, if you want all the crochet cuteness without the work, browse the adorable line of already-stitched cardigans for sale. 

3. Time For Flowers

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide–A screenshot from Time For Flowers’ website homepage. The banner image features its Valentine’s Flowers collection and shows a bouquet of red roses. 
Time For Flowers sells flowers for every occasion, including Valentine’s Day.

There’s a reason flowers are a tried and true Valentine’s Day gift. Stick to the classics this year and give your special someone a single red rose or a full bouquet of beautiful flowers. Time For Flowers specializes in beautiful personalized flower arrangements of the timeless symbol of eternal love and affection: roses. They even offer same-day arrangements for those of you who are a little last minute.  

This UK-based award-winning florist aims to provide friendly, first-class customer service, all while delivering top-quality bouquets and arrangements at reasonable prices. It’s also a purchase you can feel good about making since Time For Flowers’ is committed to sustainability and has reduced plastic usage by over 80% through innovative packaging materials. Stay true to the classic this year with this option! 

4. Wine Stories

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide–A screenshot from Wine Stories homepage. There are 9 dark wine bottles arranged on a blue surface. Underneath there is text that reads, “The only additive to our wine is a great story. Winestories imports vin naturel, natural wines. Energetic wines coming from small wineries, made with passion for winemaking. Something you can taste back in the wines. The winemakers follow the nature, the moon and the cosmos and make wines that are wild, from local grapes, fermented with indigenous yeasts and always with minimal intervention. Without filtration, stabilization or adding anything but love. Just wine, like it's supposed to be. Natural wines, with a story.​”
Wine Stories delivers natural wines right to your door.

Red, white, rosé, champagne, even orange–Wine Stories has you covered for when you’re looking to unwind with a nice glass of wine with your special someone. After spending several years working in restaurants and wine bars in Amsterdam and Tuscany, founders Olile and Ricky wanted to make good, natural wine available to more people. This led to the birth of Wine Stories in 2017, where customers can order wine online from special winemakers who share characteristics like low yields, rediscovered local grape varieties, biodynamic or organic winemaking, and more. 

Opting for Galentine's or Palentine’s Day this year? Did somebody say rosé all day? Whatever your go-to celebration drink is, Wine Stories offers a variety of natural wines where the only additive is a great story! Sourced from small wineries with a passion for winemaking, Wine Stories is the perfect gift idea for a special occasion. Or you can sign up for its monthly subscription box and get 1, 3, or 6 bottles delivered right to your front door in many European countries. 

5. The Sobr Market 

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide–A screenshot from The Sobr Market’s homepage explaining how they are providing options to those who choose not to drink alcohol for a variety of reasons.
The Sobr Market offers a wide range of non-alcoholic beers, wines, spirits, and more! 

Skip the alcohol this year and make Valentine’s Day a day to remember. This mocktail brand has a variety of booze-free beers, wines, spirits, and ready-to-drink beverages for every occasion. The Sobr Market is the perfect option for anybody who doesn’t drink alcohol and will help you step up your hosting game by offering the designated drivers something a bit more exciting than H2O.  

This Canadian non-alcoholic brand truly has something for everyone. It offers a wide range of non-alcoholic spirits, wines, beers, and more and curated bundles that let you sample a bit of everything. People opt not to drink for many reasons, and this brand truly gets that. So go ahead and go sober this February 14th. 

6. A Jar of Pickles 

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide–A screenshot of A Jar of Pickles’ Valentine’s Day Collection, including several cards. 
A Jar of Pickles sells playful products for your everyday! 

A Jar of Pickles doesn’t sell pickles despite what you may think (although that would be a great Valentine’s Day gift as well, mmmmm). It does sell a wide variety of cute, playful products like plushies, pins, greeting cards, and more that would make the perfect gift. It’s even put together a Valentine’s collection full of the perfect gifts that won’t break the bank. For under $10, you can give your best-tea some adorable bubble tea-inspired pins or give your special someone an adorable card filled with a love letter that’ll make their heart skip a beat. Or you can pick a bunch of different gifts and create a lovely gift basket this year!  

This fun store is your one-stop shop for all your valentines this year. Since Valentine’s Day is about love, why not celebrate all the people you love in your life? Not just the ones you kiss. Spread the love (and the cuteness) this year. 

7. Con Caramelo

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide–A screenshot from Con Caramelo’s homepage explaining the brand. It highlights product characteristics like using natural essences of fruits, flowers, trees, and vegetables. 
Con Caramelo offers vegan, natural, and gluten-free candies and treats.

You want your Valentine’s Day gift to be full of love, but why not make sure it’s also full of caramel this year? This sweet Chilean brand is on a mission “to make candies that everyone can eat,” which is why all its products are vegan, natural, and gluten-free. They also offer sugar-free candies and treats and only use natural fruit essences and vegetable pigments.

Con Caramelo sells candies, gummies, palettes, and chocolates to fit any sweet tooth’s needs. Their palettes are hand-crafted, beautiful treats that make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Nothing says I love you like many delicious, caramel-infused heart candies, right? 

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8. Photo Walaa

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide–A screenshot from Photo Walaa’s home page showing a banner for their Valentine’s Day Gifts collection.
Photo Walaa offers a variety of personalized photo gifts. 

Nothing shows you care like a personalized gift that your valentine couldn’t possibly get anywhere else. Create a memorable gift like a mosaic photo frame, long-distance map, or personalized mug. These gifts have all the nostalgia of a homemade scrapbook without all the cutting, gluing, and mess. Photo Walaa makes the process easy even for the most unartistic gift-givers. Start by selecting the perfect gift, then design the product using your own photos, and finalize this timeless gift with the finishing touches like gift wrapping or a heartfelt message. 

Photo Walaa also offers a variety of other special custom gifts, such as long-distance hugging pillows, printed polaroids, digital oil painting portraits, and more. If you don’t have a way with words, say everything you need to with a photo this year. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, so a custom collage must be worth millions. 

9. Guess Where Trips

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide–A screenshot from Guess Where Trips’ Valentine’s Day Collection. There is a message that says Spend the day with the one you love!
Guess Where Trips offers surprise road trips throughout North America.

If you love the idea of a personalized photo gift but don’t have the photos yet, then this one’s for you. Create more memories with your loved ones with a unique Valentine’s Day road trip. Guess Where Trips offers a variety of one-day surprise road trips throughout North America. All you have to do is visit the website and pick a trip that fits your preferences in terms of region, attractions, distance to the first stop, and accessibility. Then they’ll mail you a package with all the details on what to bring and envelopes explaining each stop. Or take the 4-step trip quiz to get a personalized recommendation!

Guess Where Trips is the perfect way to explore your own backyard in a whole new way, discovering hidden gems at every stop. It makes a great Valentine’s Day gift for those looking for a unique, exciting experience for everyone involved. Plus, they do all the complicated planning work and take care of the details for you. Make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one!

10. Bamobam

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide–A screenshot from Bamobam’s Valentine’s Day collection page. There are 8 products showing: Heart Embroidery Kit, Rainbow Glitter Heart Stickers (x 8 sheets), Glitter Heart Stickers (x 8 sheets), Felt Heart Hair Clips (x 6), Lacy Heart Large Plated (x 8), Lacy Heart Small Napkins (x 16), Lacy Heart Cups (x 8), and Heart Gold. 
Bamobam offers toys for kids of all ages.

This one is for all of you who have little valentines at home. Valentine’s Day is all about showing the people you love the most how special they are. For all the parents out there, that can be your kids at home. Bamobam is the perfect small business to support when wondering what to buy for Valentine’s Day. With tons of product categories, you can find a gift for all your kids, whether they’re just starting to sit up or won’t sit still. 

This Costa Rican toy boutique specializes in sustainably designed toys that positively impact children and the environment. They even offer a loyalty program, Bam! Points so that you can save on your next purchase for your little loves! Your child will get a new toy, feel loved, and learn at the same time. 

11. Naked Bar Soap

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide–A screenshot from Naked Bar Soap’s homepage with a message saying, “Daily Self-Care, Mind, Body Wellness. Get Naked”. 
A screenshot from Naked Bar Soap’s homepage.

This Black-owned self-care shop is perfect for those of you who are your own valentine. Self-love is the most important kind of love, so don’t forget to treat yourself this year. Nothing screams self-care like unwinding in a relaxing bath. Naked Bar Soap has you covered in this department with its wide range of natural signature soaps, bath bombs, and salt soaps. 

If you want to score major points with your signature other, gift them some self-care products to show them how much you care about their mind, body, and wellness. Naked Bar Soap has a wide range of artisan soap scents, so why not try a few of your favorites this Valentine’s Day? Sometimes, the best things come in the smallest packages! 

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12. Lost in the Sauce

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide–A screenshot from Lost in the Sauce’s homepage. The banner image shows 4 of its sauce bottles in front of a red background with chili peppers surrounding them. 
Spice up your Valentine’s Day with some new flavors from Lost in the Sauce. 

If your valentine is a total foodie, we’ve got you covered. For tons of us, the way to our heart is through our stomach. Make this Valentine’s Day extra special by bringing the luxury of a flavorful dining experience into your own home. Lost in the Sauce is a Canadian hot sauce brand that aims to find the perfect balance between flavor and spice. Its website puts it perfectly, “Spice without flavor is nothing to savor, and flavor without spice just ain’t right. That’s why with all of our sauces, we emphasize the balance between flavor and spice.” 

This is the perfect option to spice up your Valentine’s Day (pun very much intended) with a delicious meal made with love. Bonus–this is really a gift for you, too, once you’re enjoying those delicious home-cooked meals ;) 

13. Midori Jewelry Co.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide–A screenshot from Midori Jewelry Co.’s homepage showing a woman wearing several dainty gold jewelry pieces. 
Midori sells everyday affordable and ethical jewelry. 

When you think of classic Valentine’s Day gifts, jewelry is another one that comes to mind. If you’re a sucker for the classics, this next brand is for you. Midori Jewelry Co. is a jewelry brand that embraces the beauty of nature and creates timeless pieces to reflect that. With a wide range of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and anklets, you can carefully select a piece that your Valentine can feel good about wearing. 

This brand was born out of founder Olivia Wu’s own struggle with finding high-quality jewelry at affordable prices. She founded Midori to share mindfully crafted pieces available for great prices. With every purchase from Midori, you also support the planet through their 1% planet partnership. We think this Valentine’s Day gift idea will earn you a few gold stars of your own. 

14. Naran Lingerie

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide–A screenshot from Naran Lingierie’s homepage showing someone with long brown hair wearing a matching brown set of lingerie, standing in front of an off-white wall.
A screenshot from Naran Lingerie’s homepage.

Last but certainly not least, we’d be remiss not to include the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift idea: lingerie. This Australian-owned brand is your one-stop shop for artfully designed and beautifully crafted lingerie and swimwear. Whether you are going on a vacation or a staycation this Valentine’s Day, Naran Lingerie has a wide selection of lingerie and bathing suits to make your significant other embrace their sexuality and confidence. 

This brand aims to enable its customers to be all they can be, “fierce, sexy, feminine, and completely unique.” Treat the special person in your life to a luxurious gift that’ll make them look and feel their best for this special occasion. 

So…totally in love yet?

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to shake up your sweats and Netflix routine. Whether you’re celebrating big or staying in, make this February 14th one to remember with an extra special gift. Show how well you know your love with a gift they’ll absolutely adore. Don’t worry; we’ll even let you take credit for the gift idea. Happy shopping, lovebugs! 

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