How Do I Explain My Loyalty Program to My Customers?

December 22, 2015

Explaining your loyalty program to your customers is one of the most important (if not the most important) things you can do once you have started your loyalty program. If you want shoppers to join and participate in your loyalty program you need to show them how.

Your customers are looking to learn certain things before they are willing to invest the time enrolling in your program and collecting points. They want to be sure that it is worth their while. They are looking for 3 main components before signing up.

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3 Things Potential Members are Looking For

Before I get into the specifics of how to explain a program you should first know what customers are looking for. These are three things that customers of your site are looking to learn before they commit to joining your program.

1. What’s in it for Me?

A retailer starts a loyalty program to … get more loyal customers. But customer loyalty isn’t something that they are just going to hand over to you. It is a two way relationship, you need to give them something to earn that loyalty.

Your customers are going to evaluate your program based on what’s in it for them, not based on the benefit it provides you (unfortunately). Your customers want to know what all their points will get them (what is the reward). Be sure to make it easy for them to know.

2. How do I Earn Points?

Your customers also want to know how many points they will need for that reward, and what they have to do for those points. Basically customers will be evaluating if your reward is worth the amount of effort they need to put in to get it.

explainer page gonger points

Make sure you make it easy to understand how points will be earned.

3. Should I Join?

Finally if customer likes the rewards you are offering and has deemed they are willing to put in the effort, they will want that extra nudge to get them going. A good incentive will push a customer over the edge, and encourage a sign up.


Use a Visual Explainer Page to Explain Your Program

Instead of using the text heavy explainer page like the one above, you should focus on creating a visual and heavy hitting explainer page like this one from Gongshow.


Your members are much more likely to understand your program if you break it down in a visual way. You can understand the basics of Gongshow’s program in just a few seconds. There are a ton of great explainer pages out there, and I will point some out along the way.

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Tips for a Great Explainer Page

Creating a visual explainer page will supercharge loyalty program adoption and engagement. It allows everyone to know exactly what they can expect in your program, but some visual explainers are built better than others.

Here are a few tips with examples to make the most out of your loyalty program’s explainer page. These will put your explainer page in a class above the rest!

1. Showcase Your Motivator

This is a fancy way of saying “show your customer what they want to see.” Basically you want to motivate your members to use your loyalty program by showing them what is likely to motivate them. This is the reward they want to achieve which could be: a discount, a product, or even a status (popular in luxury loyalty programs).

Here is an example from Muscle and Strength, they show the rewards catalog in their explainer. This way members can immediately see what they are working towards. This inspires them to engage in your loyalty program.

explainer page muscle and strength

This becomes even more powerful when you are offering a reward that is not easy to obtain anywhere else. Like the autographed Stanton baseball cap in Muscle and Strengths program.

2. Make it Easy to Understand

A potential member of your program should be able to understand the basics of your program in just a few seconds. You do this by laying out your program in an easy to digest and visual way. We call this the squint test at, can someone still understand your explainer page if they are squinting their eyes.

The first section of Philip Kingsley’s loyalty program passes the squint test with flying colors.

explainer page pk loyalty

The text is large, the design is minima, and it gets the point across. You clearly know that every dollar you spend will earn you a point, and 20 of those points will get you a dollar off. There is no confusion here. The top section of PK’s program goes to show that with a loyalty explainer page sometimes less is more. The rest of their explainer page is really good too. I would recommend checking out the full explainer page for some inspiration.

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3. Have a Clear Call to Action

Your explainer page should be catering to two types of people. Those who are members and want to learn more. But also to those who are evaluating whether to enroll in your program. Since your explainer page will be acting as a sales pitch you will want to make sure you end it off right.

This means that you should finish your explainer page with a very clear CTA. The CTA should instruct people to enroll in your program. Even if your page does an amazing job showcasing your program, you still might lose a potential member if they are not sure how to sign up. Make it blatantly obvious that you want someone to sign up, and show them how.

explainer page get started

The above example is from NRML, and it illustrates exactly what I am talking about. They don’t beat around the bush at the end of the page. they tell you exactly what they want. They want you to sign up and start earning. They even instruct you to get started. The desired result will not get lost in communication here.

4. Make your Explainer Page Easy to Find

You need to think of your explainer page as advertising for your loyalty program. You do not want to bury it on your site where no one will find it. Like I said before your explainer page will help people make a decision as to whether they will join your program. Please make it easy to find.

In order to have your explainer page found I recommend two things. The first is to have it immediately visible upon landing on your site. This can be done by including it in your menu or some kind of banner, like Esther & Co.


Another way to display your program on your homepage is with a loyalty program launcher. This is how for Shopify and Bigcommerce work by default. This places a tab on your  page that moves with the viewer’s screen to ensure they always see it. It will even show on every other page as well. This is the easiest way to showcase you have a program.


Lastly, you should add your explainer page into one of your menus. You can add it into your header menu or into a footer menu. This makes it easily accessible in an area that people go to to find information. The lesson here is that you should do everything you can to make your explainer page as accessible as possible.


The Best Explainer Page

If you follow the tips and tricks above you will have yourself a fantastic explainer page. A good explainer page also separates a good loyalty program from a mediocre one.

I know that you are all visual learners so I will also provide links to some of my favorite explainers pages to draw inspiration from.

Gongshow (Apparel)

Muscle and Strength (Fitness)

e.l.f. Cosmetics (Beauty Industry)

Hockey Shot (Sports)

Switch Kites (Sports)

greetabl (Gifts)

D’addario (Music)

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