May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada and AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islanders) Heritage Month in the United States. This month celebrates the contributions and influences of Asian and AAPI North Americans in history and culture. With 1 in 10 businesses being Asian-owned in America, we thought this month was a great time to highlight some Asian-owned brands that you can support.

With millions of amazing Asian-owned ecommerce brands worldwide, this list barely scratches the surface so let us know what some of your favorites are. In this blog, we’re putting a spotlight on brands in a variety of industries like food and drink, beauty and skincare, stationery and accessories, pet care, and more. We’ve already shared six awesome brands on social media, but we didn’t want to stop there so here are 15 more stores to check out!

1. Daan Go Cake Lab

Founded by Masterchef Canada winner, Christopher Siu, Daan Go Cake Lab is a pastry shop specializing in adorable and delicious cakes and desserts. From character macaroons that are almost too cute to eat to authentic Asian-inspired matcha cakes, Daan Go Cake Lab has something catered to every customer’s taste buds. Next time you’re downtown Toronto or Vancouver, pop into one of their bakeries and pick up a treat–or a dozen!

2. O.R.G Skincare

With unique skincare formulas rooted in Asian beauty traditions, O.R.G Skincare aims to make it easier to reach your skin goals. Their products are formulated with gentle, yet highly effective ingredients that target not just one, but a range of common skin concerns. O.R.G understands that both skin and life are complex, which is why its products are designed to be easy to use and adaptive to diverse skin needs. Check out their famous Mineral Face Peel and Body Peel or their Detox Body Bar–or try all three in their Total Body Trio.

3. Gr8nola

With a mission to make clean snacking accessible around the world, gr8nola (“great”nola) is a superfood granola brand whose products are clean and free of additives, refined sugar, dairy, soy, and GMOs. Founder and former Olympic Trials swimmer, Erica was on the hunt for a crunchy yet delicious snack that she could enjoy during her husband and her annual cleanse. With that, gr8nola was born and is now loved by thousands of fitness enthusiasts and foodies alike. Add one of their unique granola flavors or the original blend to your cart today.

4. Emboss Beauty

Julia Vuong, founder of Emboss Beauty, has six years of experience as a professional make-up artist for top-tier brands and celebrities. In that time, she’s learned a thing or two about false lashes, which is what inspired her to start her own brand to bring perfect lashes to everyone. Emboss Beauty’s lashes have gained popularity, going viral on TikTok, thanks to the wide range of styles and focus on comfort and quality. Whether it’s your first time applying falsies or you’re on the hunt for your perfect fit, find the perfect product for you with Emboss Beauty’s Lash Quiz!

5. Happy Pops

Summer is right around the corner, making it the perfect time to discover a new, frozen treat. According to its website, “Happy Pops are all natural ice pops made with real fruit and sweetened with a hint of organic cane sugar resulting in only 35-75 calories a pop.” Paying tribute to her South Asian heritage, Leila designed a product range full of flavors that can’t be found anywhere else. From Saffron Cardamom Kulfi to Peach Mango, you can build a custom Happy Pops box full of your favorite flavors!

6. Kee Wah Bakery

If your taste buds weren’t already tingling, this next brand is sure to wake them up. Kee Wah Bakery is a San Francisco Bay Area-based bakery specializing in Chinese bridal cakes. Honoring this beautiful tradition, their bridal cakes are filled with sweet lotus, red or green bean paste, or nuts, and are designed to be a symbol of gratitude from the groom’s family to the bride’s. Aside from this traditional product line, Kee Wah Bakery sells a wide range of sweet and savory Asian pastries.

7. Iremia Skincare

As is the story with many skincare brands, Iremia Skincare was born out of the founder’s own personal skincare struggle. Elaine was looking for something to manage her sensitive and reactive skin. By creating a list of ingredients she wanted to avoid, Elaine was able to create an award-winning, small-batch natural skincare line that helps manage and restore skin. If you’re not sure where to start, shop customer favorites like the All Calm Facial Mist or The Soothing Lotion, or take their personalized skincare quiz.  

8. Raychoo Studios

Looking to add some quirks and personality to your living space? Raychoo Studios has you covered. Owned and operated by artist, designer, and solopreneur Rachel, this stationery and accessories brand offers dozens of products inspired by Rachel’s childhood and the food she loves. Maybe you want to spruce up your office with a Sushi Mouse Pad or you think this Bubble Tea Card would put a smile on your mom’s face. Whatever your style, keep an eye on Raychoo Studios for its latest adorable product drops.

9. Kaja Beauty

Made famous for its viral beauty bento boxes, Kaja Beauty is the first ever co-developed K-beauty brand with Sephora. Kaja means “let’s go” in Korean, which inspired the brand’s bite-sized, multi-purpose product design. Powered by the latest Korean technology and formulations, Kaja’s products are as cute as they are good. Shop its lines of eyes, face, and lip products to find the perfect shade, style, and fit for you! Or take its 30-second Kutie Quiz to get a full product line-up delivered right to your inbox.

10. Guinea Dad

Pet parents are always looking for communities to share ideas, stories, and love for their furry friends. And while there are endless dog and cat brands out there–smaller animals don’t always get the same love. That’s why co-founders, Si Lee (guinea dad) and Sean Hahn (guinea godfather), launched Guinea Dad. This one-stop shop for high-quality guinea pig bedding, grooming tools, toys, and more is dedicated to bridging the gap of resources that small-pet owners face. They’ve recently launched Bunny Dad too for all your high-quality rabbit needs.

11. I Dew Care

Skincare is self-care and should bring a smile to your face. This K beauty brand is on a mission to deliver “seriously fun skincare”. I Dew Care blends scientifically-proven skincare formulas with bright, fun packaging to deliver a joyful skincare routine that delivers real results for everyone.  With over 10 million likes on TikTok, this viral skincare brand is adored for its products and bubbly personality. Try out some fan-favorite products with the Vitamin to-Glow or Scoop Party product bundles.

12. Flair Fighter

Founded in 2020 as a way to express their creativity, Canadian illustrators Jinny and Kevin launched Flair Flighter, which became the ultimate shop for cute giftable products that’ll bring a smile to your face. Flair Fighter sells enamel pins that are inspired by puns, cute animals, and good laughs. During the pandemic, these designs served as the perfect gift to send to your loved ones as a way to show you’re thinking of them. Today, the brand offers pins, stickers, keychains, and more that are guaranteed to brighten your day.

13. YINA

Inspired by the concept of “Yang Sheng”, a lifestyle that embodies the spirit of traditional Chinese medicine, YINA is a wellness and skincare brand. YINA means “harmony and beauty” aligning with the founders’ belief that the two go hand in hand. After co-founder Ervina Wu healed herself with Chinese medicine during her cancer treatments, she wanted to make this accessible to others going through the same battle. YINA offers a wide range of botanical serums, supplements, and skincare products to help customers achieve a radiant glow from the inside out.

14. Once More With Love

After quitting dentistry to pursue working in visual effects in the movie industry, it was designing stickers for her friend that truly inspired Margaret. Founder of Once More With Love decided it was time to begin a new journey in life, but this time, with love. The brand sells hand-drawn and hand-made stickers that are sure to add personality to your planners, journals, calendars, or wherever you choose to use them. With funny, sassy, and adorable designs, you can find a sticker to perfectly express every mood.

15. UMA Oils

Inspired by the 5000-old year wisdom of Ayurveda, UMA is a luxury, beauty and wellness brand that uses Indian-grown botanicals. With values of holistic healing, tradition, and love, UMA sources all of its botanical oils from its 100-acre meadow in India. Raised in India, founder Shrankhla Holecek was frustrated to see the misappropriations of the Indian rituals and Ayurvedic practices she had grown up with when moving to Beverly Hills. This is why she founded UMA to create a line of artisanal, effective products with integrity. Today, UMA is loved by thousands of customers who value the brand’s “culmination of rich tradition, powerful science, and —above all— love”.

Share your favorite Asian and AAPI-Owned brands

Each one of these brands not only offers super cool products, but they come with a story full of culture, inspiration, and tradition. When you support North American Asian-owned brands, you’re helping to amplify marginalized voices. We know that we’ve only highlighted a few of the millions of amazing brands out there, so reach out on social media to let us know your favorites. May is a great month to shop from Asian-owned brands–but so are June, July, August, and…well you get the point.

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