With Smile + Shopify Flow, you now have more control over issuing points! You can award points as the Flow action based on triggers in Shopify. Whether you want to reward customers for placing an order over a certain amount, recognize them for making a certain number of purchases, or for buying high value products, Smile + Shopify Flow is a powerful combination that gives you more customization without the need for a developer.

Note: this feature is only available for merchants using Shopify Plus.

How It Works

We’ve made it extremely easy for anyone to create new triggered earning rules with Shopify Flow in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Create a Flow Action in Smile

In order to connect your rewards program with Shopify Flow, you need to set up a new Flow Action in Smile.

Step 2: Build a Flow in Shopify

Set up a new Flow in Shopify that defines criteria for the action you’re rewarding for.

Step 3: Create a New Earning Rule

Link your Shopify workflow to your Flow Action inside of Smile by creating a new earning rule in the Points Earning section of your Smile account.  This rule is the final piece of the puzzle that allows Shopify and Smile to talk to each other.

Benefits of Integrating Smile with Shopify Flow

A Code Free Solution to Creating New Earning Rules

Your team should be able to build your dream program without hours of custom coding.  With Smile + Shopify Flow, you can use Shopify’s simple click and select functionality to create a new way for customers to earn points - no need to code it yourself!

Shopify Flow Mock Flow

Create Earning Rules Based on Your Business

We understand that every business is different.  Combining your rewards program with Shopify Flow allows you to customize the points earning process for your brand, with tailored actions that reflect who your customers are and how they interact with your store.

This could include:

  • Rewarding customers for spending more on a purchase than your AOV
  • Rewarding customers for purchasing house brand products
  • Rewarding customers for placing more than the average number of purchases in a particular time frame
Mock up of Shopify Flow earning rules in Smile panel

Smile + Shopify Flow allows you to specify these kinds of earning actions that are specific to your business.

Increase Customer Engagement

By introducing more targeted ways to earn points, your customers will be even more excited to engage with your rewards program!  This enthusiasm will translate to increased engagement rates, increased earning, and higher program adoption.

Smile + Shopify Flow is available for any merchant on Shopify Plus.