Tea time is sacred time. Tea drinkers across the globe look forward to the moment when they can take a few moments for themselves and cozy up with a warm cup of comfort. There’s no brand that understands this better than Sloane Tea.

Sloane Tea was founded by Hoda Paripoush, one of North America’s first elite certified tea sommeliers. Discover the warmth of a well-brewed success story, where the art of tea drinking and smart loyalty marketing brew together for extraordinary results. 

At its core, Sloane Tea insists that tea can be an everyday luxury.   

“Our customer base consists primarily of dedicated tea drinkers who order from us repeatedly. Tea time is their sacred daily ritual, an experience they look forward to each day, an opportunity to savor the moment.” 
- Laura Spinelli, Digital Marketing and Content Specialist

We sat down with the Sloane Tea team to learn more about how they leverage their Smile.io loyalty program to turn routine campaigns into record-breaking revenue generators. 

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How “Double the Points” led to more than triple the revenue

No matter how loyal your customers are, shoppers love the idea of receiving additional value, especially when it’s only available for a limited time. 

Sloane Tea harnesses the power of its dedicated communi-TEA through regular bonus points campaigns throughout the year. Through strategic seasonal promotions, Sloane Tea has brewed up a winning retention strategy that drives excitement and sales.

How To Run a Successful Bonus Points Event
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Sloane Tea runs consistent seasonal bonus point campaigns throughout the year to create anticipation.

“Our “Double The Points” days are the main promotion we offer through our Sloane Rewards Program. They are consistently held on the same days each year. As a result, our Sloane clientele knows when to expect these bonus days, so they plan their ordering accordingly.”

By continuously optimizing each campaign based on previous results, they’ve just achieved their most successful bonus point event to date, resulting in: 

  • A 370% increase in overall average daily revenue in just 24 hours. 
  • A 124% increase in overall Smile-generated revenue over 2 years. 
  • A 47% increase in rewards redemption rate YoY. 
Discover Sloane Tea’s winning strategy.
Read the case study for bonus point strategy, impact, and execution. 

Aside from staggering results from these timely campaigns, Sloane Tea has optimized its entire loyalty program. With embedded loyalty content like a dedicated loyalty landing page and points redemption at checkout, Sloane Tea has leveraged its loyalty program as a key revenue generator every day.  

“We added a redemption feature in the checkout process. The customer can see their point balance and has the ability to generate the discount code and apply it to their order right from checkout.”

With its loyalty program, Sloane Tea has driven conversions, built a brand community, and skyrocketed customer engagement. All thanks to a few bonus point campaigns. 

Customer retention doesn’t have to be hard; it needs to be strategic. 

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